Lake Harriet, Minneapolis! Dear Readers, I remember when I was first going through my student teaching days, getting ready to become an elementary school teacher, I had a particularly hard review by one of my university observers. I was devastated. I wanted to quit, and almost did. But another supervisor said she hoped I didn't, because I had such a wonderful sense of … Continue reading Playing

Waiting for Walks

Waiting for WalksA Perfect Day in the City!Tapestry chair, Window open,Soft rain,Cardinals calling.Hurting body, With heating pad comfort,And tea,Waiting for relief.Breathing in,Breathing out,Books to read,Naps to take.Emotions run,From green grass glorious,To rainy day sadness,Wanting to hurry them all away.I send my love,We ate outside!! First time after snow!!To all those who are healing,From pain of body, mind, or Spirit.On Day … Continue reading Waiting for Walks