Sounds of Silence

Dear Readers,

Hello again from Minnesota! We got 8.5 inches of snow, and it’s very cold here today, but absolutely beautiful. Nothing major has happened since I last wrote. I have started so many posts, but I’m just not excited enough about anything to finish the posts. I seem to write about the same things over and over. But then again, isn’t that life? Everyday routine.

This time of year is a bit hard for me at times, because music is such a big part of people’s lives. As it used to be for me. Not just missing concerts, but making my own music, writing my own songs on the piano and guitar. How I loved that. Of course, as I have written before, cochlear implants make that impossible for me. (To listen to what I hear, click here.) Photo is from 2018, when I had my second implant turned on.

Hearing loss is very isolating. I keep writing about it because it affects me all the time, as it keeps me from fully understanding speech in many situations. In stores, I often have to ask Mr. UT what clerks are asking. By myself, I often get things mixed up.

So I cried a bit this morning, as I saw so many social media posts about playlists. It makes me feel lonely, left out. A lost connection.

I just refuse to get stuck in the bad feelings for long. I’ve been stuck there before, and I don’t like it. Not that they ever go away, but they are just one part of me. I am full of so many feelings!

Here is a partial list of some feelings I have on a given day: old, happy, sad, grateful, grumpy, lonely, satisfied, annoyed, loving, joyful, excited, and bored. Hmm. Looks like every other human being on the planet!

As always, the best way for me to get out of my negative feelings, is to get out of my head, move, and help someone else. Yesterday, while volunteering at an assisted living home, I was laughing with people, as I helped them with menus. Most people I help are 95 and older. Some are hard of hearing, and hard of seeing. One lady is both. I have to sit an inch away and yell. But we still laugh, and if these people can laugh while physically falling apart, then so can I.

I am at a coffee shop writing this, while Mr. UT is working on painting and fixing up our office! I am getting his last Christmas presents, books, as he already got some others from me earlier. Such a picky present person to buy for! LOL I will buy him a cookie, however, as he does love his bakery.

With a cookie for me too,

On Day 3010,


24 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence

  1. The snow photos are captivating! I’m sorry you’ve had hearing loss, but it sounds like you know how to manage it. Your photos are like a sweet treat for the eyes! Thank you for sharing. xx

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  2. So happy to hear from you! Happy Minnesota December! I’m about to head up there this weekend.

    I love how you get out and help people, and love the image of you laughing with the hard-of-senses people at the care center. Yay for all of you. I also have a husband who’s immensely hard to select presents for. I think I’ve nailed it maybe twice in 13 years, but at least now I am prepared for him to be lukewarm (and he’s better about faking a thank you after that one time 🙂 ). Wishing you a beautiful snowy December. XXXX Adrian

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    1. Yay to coming up here! Beautiful and so cold! We are going to the Arboretum to see the lights in the snow! I just have Mr. UT pick out his own presents! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂


  3. A cookie sounds great.
    I watched the movie the sound of metal, which was amazing, and it really showed how reliant people are on hearing.
    Your obviously have your eyes open with all the lovely pictures you take.
    Take care. It’s cold and snowy here too.

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  4. Oh wow on the snow! It is super pretty though! I love your pictures! Thanks for showing us how you hear things. I really feel for you. You are inspiring as you find that light Dwight mentioned in life no matter how hard it is. Even when some days are harder than others. I laughed out loud about you having to get right in that lady’s face and scream. 😂 I also love you volunteer there! I spend a good amount of time with my hubby’s gramma who is almost 96. I bring her food a lot and she gets so excited. Great to hear from ya here Wendy!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Wendy. I’m so sorry you are missing the joy of music in your life! As a photographer and nature lover, I love your daily walk photos and I am happy you found a new way to bring joy to your life. Sometimes I just look for and choose one moment or image that I call Today’s Beauty. I don’t always photograph it, but I describe it in my mind and create a word picture. Sometimes I write it down…sometimes I don’t. The act of looking, pausing, and really noticing the beauty, sometimes in things that normally are overlooked, is very therapeutic for me and very pleasurable. You are such a loving, giving person, and you are so inspiring!!

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  6. Ufgh, loss of hearing sounds hard (no pun intended!). Music and nature’s sounds make the symphony of life richer. I feel for you! ❤️
    Thank you for sharing your lovely winter pictures, and thoughts about your feelings. They are indeed universal and transient, if we let them be.
    Have a lovely day, with lots of warm connection in chilly Minnesota. Xo from Denmark

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  7. Just got around to reading your post and I love it! Even though you think you have nothing exciting to write about, sharing your feelings and being real with your life is something special to me (and others) to read! Keep smiling!

    Happy Holidays! -Lia

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  8. A very Merry Ho Ho Ho to you and yours Wendy. I’ve only ever seen snow twice in my life. So foreign to me, but it looks magical. It’s pretty damn hot where I’m at today – beach and air con weather.
    Thank you for being you Wendy. I do enjoy your posts and the world is a better place knowing you are out there.
    I can only imagine what hearing loss must be like. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Please don’t stop.

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      1. Hurrah to you both. Snow sounds far more appealing that a hot sun, flies and cranky people. Thankfully, us recovering boozehounds know how to handle all those minor obstacles…most of the time. Enjoy the season.

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