8 Years and a Child’s Poem

Dear Readers,

Here I sit in the fading sunshine, Mr. UT next to me, writing after such a long time.

I now have been alcohol free for 8 years. It’s definitely something to celebrate, if for the one reason, life is much better not drinking. It is not only better for me, but definitely for Mr. UT too, as he was the one who saw the not so good side of my drinking.

Interestingly, I find myself getting anxious whenever I think or write about recovery. Perhaps because it brings up memories, both good and not so good, or perhaps I get anxious about the future. Alcohol thoughts rarely pop up, but if they do, I have some very supportive people I can text or call if I need to.

So I choose not to think of drinking or not drinking these days. Choosing to be alcohol free has become the way I live. Many, many people do not drink, and the more I see articles about the danger of drinking, even in moderation, being alcohol free is a great way to live. And yes, I have fun!

Nature is still my healing place. Taking photos on our walks is my favorite hobby. It forces me to look closer at the world around me, and I focus on what I see, the beauty or wildness of our universe. It definite gets me out of my head, which can be a messy place to be! Ha!

Our summer has been wonderful. Mr. UT and I continue to be as active as we can, although our bodies hurt a lot more these days. LOL We took short trips, saw old friends and family.

We both celebrated our birthdays, we are 69 years old this year! YIKES! And we just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. We are high school sweethearts, dated for 7 years before we got married. He makes me laugh every day! Life goes fast and slow all at once.

I wrote another child’s poem, and I dedicate this poem to Justine, who encouraged me to keep writing.

Sleep Tight

If you start to feel afraid

When day turns into night,

Think of all the furry creatures,

Sleeping without a fright.


Chipmunks, squirrels, and little bunnies,

Tucked inside their nests,

Not afraid of anything,

They know the night means rest.


Keep those little furry creatures 

Close inside your head,

Give a hug, a kiss good night,

Then off you go to bed!


With a New E-Bike and sore legs,



22 thoughts on “8 Years and a Child’s Poem

  1. Congratulations, Wendy! It’s always a happy surprise to see one of your posts pop up in my Inbox. I love your photos and poems! I’m also a (recently) retired teacher celebrating 8 years of sober living, and even though we’ve never met, I feel like you’ve been with me every step of the way, cheering me on and guiding me forward. Thank you so much!

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  2. Huge congratulations on 8 meaningful years! I’ve missed your posts. So good to read your lovely poem, see your beautiful face and nature pics and laugh over your classic speech bubble 💬 photos! You are amazing! Hugs! 💛🌟

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  3. Hi again Wendy!! I just love your poem! So sweet… great bedtime poem for anyone!! Where are those beautiful pics taken? Looks like Maine. Great to “see” you again. I’ve just come back on after a long hiatus, too. Not sure how much posting I’ll do but it’s great to encourage others and see how the rest of the tribe is doing… I celebrated 5 years this past June. It just keeps getting better!❤️

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