There’s Always Something

Dear Readers,

I love Fall in Minnesota. The cooler weather makes it easier to hike, fall colors are beautiful, and the produce and fall flowers add extra spice. (No, I do not get pumpkin spice coffee! LOL)

We had a cool overnight bike trip planned. We had new windows in our porch, and we were going to do a big paint job, and stain some of the windows. (“We” meaning Mr. UT.)

But like Collette, life had other plans for Mr. UT.

Turned out, after an ER visit, we found out he had a big kidney stone that was removed today by surgery. We are home now, and it will take a some time to recover.

Now Mr. UT is the kind of guy who never complains when sick, and in fact I can’t get him to rest.

However, an operation always takes a bit more out of a person, and he is actually resting today. Hopefully he will tomorrow, too!

Canceled bike trip, pushed back painting project until spring, adding doctor appointments.

But here’s the thing. I can’t get over how grateful we are for getting to the ER, seeing a urologist, and having the surgery, all in one week.

I am reading the newest Stephen King book, Fairy Tale, and in it the character talks about the amazing things in the fairy tale world. Then he goes on to say someone from 1910 would be just amazed seeing our world today. The world we take for granted.

“You get used to amazing, that’s all.”

The tools surgeons have now to fix us up, all the machines that help the doctors and nurses, the new techniques, the computers that monitor our vitals, these are amazing things.

I never want to take for granted all the wonderful treasures we have right now in our life.

Summer Lingered, By Wendy

Summer lingered,

Warm and fair,

Blown away

By Fall’s crisp air.


Fall dons her coat,

Of blazing fire,

While Winter waits

For her to tire.


Winter’s ice and 

Snow so deep,

Make us wish for

Spring to peep!


With a Water Logged Husband,

On Day 2942,



28 thoughts on “There’s Always Something

  1. Glad Mr. UT is doing well after his surgery. Make sure he does rest up. Life always does through curve balls, but how one handles is the key to deciding how that ball will land. Love, love the poem. My best, Lia

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  2. Wishing Mr. UT a rapid recovery! I mean, for him I guess, a slow recovery 🙂

    Your comment about all being amazing resonates with me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how astonishing this world is that we live in. And getting more and more irritated with people (many of them my friends) who wail about the world ending. It requires a deep ignorance of both history and global awareness for a middle class American to wail about how awful things are. Thank you for a dose of awareness of the amazingness. Adrian

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  3. Glad for a speedy operation date and hope he feels better each day! ❤️ Glad he’s resting up! ❤️ I can’t wait to read more of that book! With umbilical surgery Tuesday and 1.5 weeks I can’t even work I plan on putting a big dent in that book! 📕 😃 XO Jackie

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  4. Beautiful post Wendy ❤ It's so true, everything is relative, it's possible to think doomsday thoughts even in the best of situations. I'm reading a book called "Mud Sweeter Than Honey" (Voices of Communist Albania) and a common theme is these older people, after describing how awful it was to live in this police state, say it made them stronger and they wouldn't otherwise appreciate what they have now (and the young people don't).
    Best wishes to Mr. UT!!!

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  5. These photos are amazing, Wendy! I’m still catching up with life and hopefully by now Mr UT is as good as new. It will all get done, eventually. 🌟💛

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