A Child’s Poem

Dear Readers,

I thought I’d share this poem I wrote for children:


I thought I heard a cardinal,

Singing out a song,

Then the woods were quiet,

Perhaps I heard it wrong.


Suddenly a flash of red,

Flew up above my head,

He had called a lady friend,

Who was waiting to be fed.


In his beak, a sunflower seed,

Of which she gladly ate,

Then as the twilight slowly fell,

They flew off for their date!


I haven’t been able to get good photo of a cardinal, but they sure are active and calling here! I have been reading a book called Breaking the Age Code, by Becca Level, PhD. The whole premise is that our beliefs about aging determine how well we live. She says these beliefs are formed by culture and family in the early years of your life.

Ageism is ingrained in the United States culture, as older adults are made to look frail, dumb, with memory loss. Nothing is further from the truth. I am working hard to catch myself when I have a negative thought of being older, and replacing it with a positive one. I volunteer in an assisted living home, and I find that the older people I help are funny, smart, interesting, wise, and they care about the world.

Mr. UT and I keep walking or hiking as much as we can. We take walks in the city, and walks in the parks. We also lift weights, and I do some yoga. We know that keeping active and moving, especially outside has great benefits for our all around health. This year, we are still 20 degrees below our normal spring temperatures with a lot of rainy cloudy days, but today we saw the sun and blue sky for a bit!

With Lots of Laughs on Our Walks,

On Day 2791,


11 thoughts on “A Child’s Poem

  1. Love your poem Wendy! I love your positivity! When my oldest was a senior in high school and just 17 years old she got one of her poems published. It was turned in by a teacher and selected for a book! Pretty cool! Weather here is just dumb, 🤣 It’s snowing today and sticking. Yesterday it was off and on raining and Sunday it was beautiful and high 70’s. Can’t wait for some continuous nice weather! Yes, let’s keep on a movin’! 😃🎯

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