How Are You Doing Today?

Dear Readers,

I asked a woman I help, (I’ll call her Lettie), “Lettie, how are you doing today?” She replied, “Well, I just asked Lettie, and she hasn’t decided yet.”

I had to laugh at that! Then I got to thinking about her answer, and realized maybe I had more of a choice on how I am doing or feeling than I think.

Too often I tend to choose how I am doing or feeling based on whatever is happening right now, and if it’s negative, I carry that in my mind for far too long.

Perhaps, I can say to myself, “I haven’t decided yet. Let me get back to you on that.” Keep it neutral, rather than saying I’m so tired, I’m so sore, I can’t do anything right, or whatever I think is the end of the world at the moment.

I read this quote today by Yong Tang Chan:

“It is difficult to see your thoughts when you are in your thoughts.”

That’s for sure! I need to remember to think bigger than my thought at the moment. I have to keep reminding myself of all the good feelings inside that are there, too. The ones that say, you have so much, much love, wonderful support, family, and good health care. The ones that say, yes, you are tired today, but you are warm and snug today, too!

Most of the world is tired. Let’s just gather us all up, and when asked, how are you doing or feeling today? We answer, “We haven’t decided. Let us get back to you on that.”

Then go through the day with whatever comes our way, dwelling in whatever gratitude we can muster.

With A Snowstorm Coming,

On Day 3042,


Now, here my back was hurting so bad, but I was still happy I was skating!

23 thoughts on “How Are You Doing Today?

  1. Great post! I can so relate as work has kept me very busy and then I hosted all they holidays and even this past Sunday I worked. Hubby asked me how I was doing Sunday when I got home. I answered tired but I like your answer much better. Happy New Year Wendy!! As always I love your pictures!

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  2. You can stand up on ice skates. I’m impressed! (Just realized that proved the point I’m about to make.) It’s so interesting how everything in our experience is only relative. How am I doing? I tend to answer that relative to some ideal experience that I like a lot. Which is relevant exactly how? And the bar just inches up. Dumb approach humans, way to keep yourselves discontent.

    I’m doing beautifully alive and sober this third day of 2023. Have a wonderful (by all measures) day Wendy!

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    1. I can even skate! I’d show you my video if I could! Lol
      I just still laugh with Lettie. She usually says she’s tired. So when she answered she hadn’t decided I, and how she viewed herself from afar, I just was struck by her answer.
      Big snow here today!


  3. Love it!! Your photos are amazing. We went sledding with the boys that morning and was so happy we were out in the beauty. Tonight I took an amazing sauna and then jumped into the snow. Didn’t think about alcohol at all πŸ™‚

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  4. Be like water! Really resonated with this. It can be so easy to let a moment of emotion dictate our mood for the day and even beyond. It’s okay to just be, no other context.

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