How I Get Out of a Low Mood

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT and I are still walking! We finally had a bitter cold stretch, which lasted way too long, but we walked through it all. Getting outside is my one sure way of keeping my spirits up. I find it hard to motivate myself, however, so walking with a partner, Mr. UT or a friend, helps me get out.

I have had some up and down thoughts and feelings, along with most of the world, I think. As I listen, read, and see how people cope with life, it seems to me that people that succeed through difficult times, don’t let the negative over take them. They manage to get back up. Some people exercise, some people help others, some people get medical help, some people use self-talk, some people use friends and family.

For myself, I find several things help me. I use positive self-talk and positive mantras to help my mood lift. Writing is another key. I write my negative feelings, then counter them with reality. Then I see that I am almost always overreacting, or feeling sorry for myself.

Another key is to reach out and tell someone I trust, someone who will listen to me. They often show me a different perspective, maybe one I don’t want to accept, but is often right. Mr. UT of course is a master at this! LOL

Laughing is another important tool that helps me. If I make other people laugh, it helps my mood. When I go visit my 95 year old mom, I try to be sure I leave her with laughter. I easily make myself laugh, because I always seem to do strangely weird things!

Reading inspirational quotes and stories help me put my life into perspective. This is so important. How can I complain when I see some of the odds other people have faced.

I have also used therapy, reading self-help books, and take an anti-depressant. I use all the help I can get. It was in my last therapy I learned about self-compassion, and that helped me have a huge shift in my thinking. I finally accepted myself, my life, in a manner of grace. I am ok.

As Mr. UT reminds me, my problems seem big to me, but in the big wide world, are small. I know there will be hard times in the future, and I know my moods will go up and down. However, I will choose not to stay there.

Writing poems has been so fun for me. They are so very simple, but I just enjoy the words that pop out of my brain and into my hand. Here is my latest one:

Nature never ceases,

To bring me such relief,

From all my mindless troubles,

That cloud my feelings of peace.

How can I ever be troubled,

When gazing on the earth,

Wondering how nature can make,

Such beauty in rebirth.

Lift up my spirits, trees and birds,

Lift up my head to see,

There is a wider window,

Where all our souls are free!

While Finally getting out of Bed,

On Day 2361,

Love, Wendy

24 thoughts on “How I Get Out of a Low Mood

  1. I’m so with you on being in nature! And I’ve never felt the dramatic way in which getting outside and exercising helps my mood. I mean, we know it’s been proven to release those good endorphins but I’ve just never personally experienced the shift in myself like I have this past winter. Beautiful poem and beautiful photos.😘

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  2. It was so lovely to read a post from you Wendy. I am with you … it’s been difficult but I agree, constant negative thinking is not good if you want to break free from depression. Your self help tools are similar to mine and that gives me hope that one day I’ll have your mindset and positivity. Sending love xxx

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  3. What a wonderful post and poem! I am so with you on getting out in nature to help with my moods. We have had so much snow here, it’s a lot of work and on some early mornings ( 6:45am ) I find that feeding my horse seems like a daunting job. ( Mostly on workdays ) Thing is when I get out there I’m just fine and forget my negative thoughts that were in my head. I come home each day in a better mind set than when I left. So maybe my horse is forced outside fun in a way!? A good breakfast gives me a good mental start to my day too. We had a bit of sunshine yesterday so hubby and I sat outside in our winter clothes for an hour or so. My 16 year old came out in her snow gear and was making us laugh with being silly in the snow. It was a really great moment and like you said, laughter is needed! I love how close you and your mom are. It’s really sweet. Thanks Wendy for another great post, always love your pictures!!

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      1. I am, given the state of the world. Since end of December, moved in with my mother-in-law to help with her home care. My husband and I are finding our way. She turned 88 years young, but is almost bed bound, and she doesn’t want to go in a home of any kind. You have shared about your mother, so may have some idea of what I am going through. But I know, it will all work out.

        Keep on posting!

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