When Mr. UT and I were skiing today, we watched some little children learning how to ski and snowboard. One little girl in a purple snow suit, was being taught how to snowboard by her father. She was a little, itty bitty girl, and her father had a rope attached to her board, so he could pull her a short way up the hill, and she could then slide down. He tried to take her up higher on the people mover, but she started crying and screaming about that!

She kept sitting down, or squatting down, when she was being pulled up, and then when he let go, she’d slide down 3 feet or so, but I think she was way more interested in the people around her, as she kept looking around. Definitely seemed to us she was really not into the snowboarding.

Anther little girl, in a pink outfit, went all the way up to the top of the hill with her mom, and although she fell now and then, she got up and went again and again. I didn’t see her crying, so I am assuming she liked it!

I remember I learned to ski when I was a teenager, and it was so hard. Back then, they taught you on long skis, not on the short ones like today. It took me a long time to get it, years and years. I used to be afraid at the top of the hills, and stand there too long.

One time, we were skiing up in Michigan, and I was having trouble learning to turn quicker, as I was holding my edges too long, which makes it harder. Mr. UT suggested I sing a song to myself when I skied, one that helped me turn. I used to sing Calypso by John Denver. LOL

It worked! I learned to turn quicker, and soon became a proficient skier! I had patience back then, and I’m not so sure I have as much today at my older age. For example, I don’t have the patience to learn to golf better. I give it a bit of my time, but not as much as I did skiing. Wish I had a song to help me with my golf game!

I can’t make anything go faster than it’s going to take. Trying to hurry my learning process along, does not work. Time will go as it wants to. I can’t hurry to fix a problem, or get to the store faster. The more I try to hurry, the more time it seems to take, because I make more mistakes that then take time to fix.

I wish Mr. UT would learn he can’t hurry me! Ha! Fat chance of that!

With Blue Skies,

On Day 2749,


PS – We had a truly wonderful vacation in Arizona last week! Photos Below!

12 thoughts on “Patience

  1. The first time I went skiing was on the long skis as well. I went to the top of a hill that seemed so tall ( it wasn’t ) and stood there. Finally after the people I was skiing with all went down I squatted way low to the ground and went down. It was scary but thrilling! I went again ( A family friend had skis and took me ) and we mostly just did cross country skiing. It’s been over 30 years and I haven’t been back in skis, you make me want to! I love seeing all the fun you and Mr. Ut have together!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I’ve never skied nor seen snow in real life 🙂 one day ah! I love the photos and OMGosh those plants are amazing! Is the 3rd one at the top natural or would someone of shaped it like that? And at the bottom the one in the centre, is that a real plant or a sculpture? Love them.

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  3. A John Denver song sounds like a perfect one for upping one’s skiing skills!! It’s funny, you say “I can’t make anything go faster than it’s going to take” right after you’ve described a wonderful example of cracking the code on skiing, a catalyst. Those things are intensely personal (though Mr. UT guess right!) and often super quirky and unguessable from the outside. (I grew up in Wyoming but never downhill skiied. (skied? skiid?) I am a beginning/intermediate crosscountry skiier and get the turning problem though 🙂 There’s probably a lot more lessons in this for sobriety if we kept on going….

    I also was going to ask about the glass sculpture, because I’m going to Tucson tomorrow. Boy I wish I could see those!

    Happy almost spring, Wendy!


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  4. Gorgeous photos!!! Glad you had a great getaway ❤ I think learning to downhill ski as an adult would be very difficult. I learned as a kid and raced alpine in high school. It was so fun and I miss it. But not willing to go through the expense / time commitment to teach all 3 of our kids!

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  5. Yes, I’m more of the anything that is worth doing takes time type. And yes, whenever we rush it seems things take longer. When I’m in a hurry to get somewhere driving, there is without fail, a slow-moving vehicle in front of me with no way to pass for miles an miles. Haha. I’m glad you had fun in Arizona! Love the cactus pictures! Hugs.

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