Yes, I Could Drink

Dear Readers,

Yes, I could drink because of the invasion of Ukraine. But I won’t. Would drinking help the people? The Ukrainian army?

When I look back at all the world problems, all of my loved ones problems, or all of my personal problems, none of them were made better by drinking. I can’t escape anxiety or problems by drinking. In fact, my anxiety is manageable by not drinking.

In my early adult years, I drank in social situations, and for celebrations. It was much later, in my 40’s, that I found myself drinking to escape. To escape stress, boredom, anxiety, and to cope with depression. Of course, it didn’t help and made them worse.

So today, just today, I won’t drink. I will write, walk outside, send loving texts to my family and friends, send money to organizations that can help the Ukrainian people, do my deep breathing exercises, and hug Mr. UT.

Life is hard. I accept this. With hard work, helping other people, perseverance, love, and a bit of hope, life can be good. My life is good.

Spring here in Minnesota is not quite showing up, so I wrote a poem:


Still waiting for the flowers,

While walking in the snow,

I see them in the stores,

But not yet down below.


I’m waiting for the green,

That adorns the trees,

Yes, the white is pretty,

But green is so serene. 


Waiting for the sunny warmth,

As spring lifts up her head,

Patience, all is coming, 

And my senses will be fed. 


With Holding Hands,

On Day 2737,


13 thoughts on “Yes, I Could Drink

  1. It’s so good to say these things out loud. Thank you for being such a consistent, loving, wise presence here.

    I like to pause and register and appreciate the relative quiet and peace in my head (and body) as it goes day after day without the torment of alcohol. It’s a much more peaceful place from which to experience the world, joys and warts and horrors and simple beauty and all.

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