Finding The Quiet

Dear Readers,

When I get tired of hearing with my cochlear implants, which is often, I just take them off. (The sounds are harsh, and I have to think to hear.) Of course, this makes Mr. UT a bit annoyed when I ask him questions with them off. (LOL) Sometimes I ask him if he needs to talk to me before I take them off! If he says no, then it’s all good. Sometimes he writes me notes, especially when I am first waking up.

My friends and my sister have learned to text me to see if I have my ears on, before they call. If they call, and I am not ready, I just start talking, telling them I have to get my implants, and I’ll call back in a minute!

Mr. UT and my favorite winter walks are where it is quiet in the woods or in the fields. I walk WITH my ears on, so I can hear the quiet! Sometimes we just stand and listen to nothing but the wind. It’s beautiful.


Cold and snowy winter paths,

Frozen faces, frozen hands,

Crystal blues and sunlit whites,

Harshness in the icy land. 


Still With Mittens,

And With One Ear On,

On Day 2726,


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