A Sense of Awe

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT and I are having to move my 95 year old mother across country to an assited living place here. She will be living with us while we wait for her furniture to arrive.

Doing this during a pandemic is daunting to say the least. Mr. UT has been amazing, handling all the details with money and logistics. Without him, I’d be lost. He told me these are things he was doing during his last years at work, being in charge of complicated projects involving many moving parts.

Although it will take some time to get her new place all fixed up, she will have her own apartment, with a wonderful support staff there to help her.

A story came up in our local newspaper, on the subject of awe. The article is here. Basically the article simply says, that by looking for small wonders on our walks, our mental health is strengthened.

The key is to look for small wonders. I found this to be so true for me. When I first started losing my hearing, and was healing after my first cochlear implant operation, I fell into a deep depression. I had just gotten sober at the same time. Mr. UT was still working, so I started going for walks on my own.

I started taking photos along the way, of things I noticed. It made me happy to see a red plant stem in a mix of brown, or an eagle just perched above me. Taking the photos forced me to slow down and pay attention. It helped me to get out of my own head and thoughts. I started to appreciate things around me, large and small.

Recently, we took several trips around our state, and some of the waterfalls and deep gorges I saw, were awe inspiring.

I even find awe in man made bridges! I love bridges! I always think of what an amazing feat to build these huge spans across rivers and valleys.

I find awe in inspirational stories, where someone has overcome what seems to be impossible, yet they do so.

By contiuing my walks, stopping to observe things more closely, I was able to slowly climb out of my depression. To this day, I take photos on most of my walks with Mr. UT. (Although there are days he wishes I didn’t! LOL)

I wish you all a bit of wonder or awe today!

With my laptop and writing this in bed,

On Day 2248,


PS – Mr. UT takes some photos too, and he has taught me how to take better ones!

On Our Way for a Walk!

25 thoughts on “A Sense of Awe

  1. Hey Wendy🤗😊. So wonderful to hear from you and what a wonderful post. There is indeed plenty of awe around us once we slow down and get out of our head. Glad you’ll have your mom close to you. You and your husband are the dynamic duo’s. Sending much love to you all❤️

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  2. You look so young to have a 95 year old mother! I feel exactly the same about noticing things, especially bridges. I also do this thing to get out of my own head where I walk through the neighborhood and think about how in every house there is a complex family all with their own problems, and become in awe of how many times over this is repeated in the world.

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  3. Hi Wendy ❤ What a beautiful lady your mother is. She is lucky to have you and be able to stay with you before moving into her awesome new place. Thank you for the "awe" tip 🙂 I'm definitely making it a habit when I take my day walk 🙂 There is awe to be found in sooooo many little things ! ❤ xxx Lors of love xxx Anne

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  4. Your blog and Facebook posts are an inspiration for me and I’m sure many people. Thinking of you as everyone navigates your mom’s transition! Have a boo-tiful day🎃

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  5. Love this update. Firstly I hope the move goes well for your mum and it’s not too stressful for you both. Secondly I used to do the same on walks. I might not remember a route I did, but I’ll remember suddenly seeing a cheeky Robin in the Bush or a brilliant blie flower. Makes me so much more appreciative about the environment I’m in. I need to start doing it again thank you for the reminder

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  6. I so enjoy the joy in your writings, and the messages shared. Here’s to your mom’s next chapter! I am sure it will be a fantastic one, with you and Mr. UT around to share it with her! Lia

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  7. My grandpa built bridges in the Twin Cities in the 50s-60s-70s….. 🙂 My mom and grandmother told me in the 90s that “grandpa built” the Franklin Ave. bridge, though it’s not his name on the plaque….

    Good luck moving your mom across the country. Good for you. And thanks for the photos…

    xx Adrian

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  8. Maybe in your next life you will be a civil engineer!
    I love your photos. It is very true that the secret to contentment is to find the small joys that are always all around us.
    Thank you for always reminding me of that.

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  9. Good luck with the mom move! It was really hard for my mom to move to an assisted living place, but she really likes it now. And it is great to know she is safe and getting care. I always love your photos from your walks. xo

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