All Is Well

A snow-lit path before me,

With cold hightened senses,

Following deer and coyote footprints,

Into the quiet of the trees.

Dear Readers,

All is well. My 95 year old mother is now living with us for several weeks, until we finalize the arrangements for her new assisted living apartment. It will be very close to us which will be nice. She is a brave soul, flying across country by herself, and making a huge move like this. I commend her for her strong spirit.

I have been struggling with worry. I worry about my mom, the country, and my own mental health as I have been having panic attacks at night and am sleep deprived. Thankfully, I have Mr. UT who is my calm influence. He is a project type guy, and so he sees things as a project to be figured out!

It’s rather boring here for my mom, as we can’t get her out easily. Our house has too many stairs, and so she is stuck in one level. We can’t take her anywhere with COVID raging in our state. We will be going on short drives with her soon! That will be nice!

Mr. UT and I are able to get out for short walks most days, and recently it snowed again. There truly is something magical about walking in the fresh fallen snow! We just love it!

I am grateful for so many things as I write this short post. When I get stressed, the best way for me to help myself is to breathe, be grateful for all I have and all the people I love, and walk outside.

Much Love to You All,

On Day 2260,


17 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. Wendy, this simply reminds me to pause when agitated. Something, I certainly have not done in recent days, so it’s good to read this because it is the thought that comes to my mind.
    And, of course, your pictures are always beautiful! ❤

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  2. Something soothing about snow with sunshine together! Always love your pictures! Your mom is a rockstar! Very cool she will be close to you now. I hope your worry lessens soon so your panic attacks can start to subside. Maybe getting your mom settled will help a little. I’ll be thinking of you and your mom and lovely reading an update from ya! ❤️

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  3. Aw I’m so sorry about the anxiety at night. I’m glad Mr. UT is bringing the project mentality to the table and I am sure everything will get better once your mom is settled in her new space and (hopefully) the country calms down a bit. Beautiful pics, I can’t believe it’s all snowy and sparkly already! I miss nature. Big bugs from a French medieval city with very few trees ❤ xxx Anne

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  4. I am a newly non-drinking teacher too 🙂 Loving what you rwrite I would love to follow your account using the WordPress reader – have you thought if adding that Widget so that people don;t have to enter email address?

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  5. I found it very hard to live with my mom and take care of her – it brings up so many emotions, and it is scary to see them so frail and in decline. When she finally was settled in her assisted living apartment, I think I slept for 12 hours the next night. I hadn’t even realized how exhausted I was! Take care of yourself, Wendy. Sending hugs! ❤️

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