Snow Came Today

Fall colors are quickly fading,

Leaves blowing off the trees,

Darkness comes much sooner,

Bringing moments of unease.

Each sunlit day that passes,

Each blue sky day I hold,

I weave into a blanket,

To hug when comes the cold.

Dear Readers,


We had several brief showers of snow today, which was beautiful to see falling down. Big fat flakes, dusting up my flowers. It went quickly by, but it reminds me of what is to come. We must prepare for this. Mr. UT makes sure the snowblower is working by the middle of October, just in case. He puts in clean furnace filters. All our hats, mittens, parkas, and boots are ready and waiting.

It takes me time to accept what is to come, to be ready, but still live in the moment. I know Mr. UT and I will die one day. We have prepared as much as we can. We have a will, and Mr. UT has made a folder where he organized all the things I need to do if he should go first. We discussed if I should sell the house, or stay here for a while. There are things that will depend on how old I am, or how much help I will need.

I worry more about him, if I should go first, as he is happy being alone or just with me. Will he take care of himself? Will he get to the doctor for check ups, go visit friends? Will he eat more than a frozen pizza every night?

There will be no way to blunt the emotional pain that is to come with death. Nothing can prepare us for that. So that is why we are enjoying and living today. We create memories this way, even on our daily walks, taking nature photos. This is why we laugh, and hold hands. This is why I yell at Mr. UT to eat a piece of fruit! LOL

I was jumping around the house this morning when the snow started! There is something about a fresh coat of snow that really delights me. Mr. UT says, as long as he doesn’t have to shovel he likes it too!

With Mittens and Handwarmers,

On Day 2234,


24 thoughts on “Snow Came Today

  1. Wendy, I love this post. We went for a walk today and skipped through all the leaves. It was wonderful and now I’m looking forward to seeing snow. Let’s hope we get some. Sending hugs 💕

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  2. Gorgeous photos, as usual! I especially like the one of the dramatic sky. My husband and I are nearing retirement age and also starting to think about what life would be like without the other. Your advice about creating memories in the present moment is spot on! Always enjoy your posts, Wendy! Stay warm!

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  3. Absolutely beautiful, it looks gorgeous your corner of the world 🥰🥰. I’m the same, I love the fresh sprinkling of snow and the biting freshness that comes with it ♡
    Ps I bet that planning is really hard, hugs 🤗🤗

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  4. This is lovely! The morning my mom passed I felt in my spirit the phrase ‘washed white as snow’ your connection to ruminating about end of life and fresh snow touched my heart.
    Love you both. We will meet up again😀

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  5. Gorgeous photos. Where you love looks amazing. That’s tough to plan and prepare for those things happening, but much better to be prepared and not have to struggle with additional stress and pressure when you are grieving and mourning. You have a lovely outlook. Carpe Diem and all that. 🤗❤️💕

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  6. Beautiful photo’s Wendy! We were in the area where we could have seen a light dusting of snow but we ended up not getting it. I absolutely love the first snow fall. The snow is really pretty. Now that I am approaching 50 I hate when I have to drive to work in it. When I was younger I was fearless, now I’m a Nervous Nellie when we get a large amount of snow/ice! 😆
    This morning I received a call from my very first client. Her and her husband have been my clients for over 10 years. Her husband passed away a few days ago. We knew he wasn’t doing particularly well however this came faster than expected. I have talked with her many times and she’s very grateful that they both sorted it all out years ago so when this day happened, she was left with a plan.
    Enjoy that snow! It’s a perfect pretty amount! Some years we have had snow by Halloween, we shall see about this year! Keep on a smiling! I love it!!

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  7. This is so beautiful! Your arrangements are so nice. Gorgeous photos and words- I especially love the photo with the dusting of snow. You two look so vibrant and healthy! I’ll bet you will have many, many more adventures together.

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  8. Beautiful photos! I dream of living in a place of snow, even just for one day.
    Preparation for death isn’t a morbid thing at all. It is caring for the other person/people. Knowledge is power and knowing what to do if/when makes everything just that little bit easier when the heart is struggling. Pushing it into the too hard basket like so many people do is so frustrating for those who are left behind with the mess. My Dad left behind an unplanned mess when he died. He chose to ignore responsibility. I won’t be doing that. I prefer your route. Planning and preparation.
    Have a lovely week!

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  9. Wendy you both look amazing… not really at all near the end of your lives lol. However, I so “get” this post as it seems to be what I’m facing right now. Mortality. It sucks! Haha. But your post is lovely and uplifting. Can’t believe you already have snow and yet I can. It’s so chilly here. We are not at all ready!! Good job on setting a good example. Hugs and love to you. :)) xoxo

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