Dear Readers,

I keep waking up singing a song from an old, sappy movie titled the same, Joy in the Morning. I’ve never watched the movie, but found it in an old music book, and used to sing it long ago.

I am not sure why my memory is bringing this song to me at this time, but I don’t question it. I guess it was calling to me.

My cochlear implants don’t allow me to hear music like normal ears, and in fact, it is unpleasant to listen to. I can’t understand the melody, and it sounds like noise. I recently gave away two of my guitars. However, I wasn’t sad about that, because I am happy another person is enjoying them!

The good news is, I can sing to myself. I can’t tell if I am on tune, but for singing around the house, it doesn’t matter anyway. So while I can’t sing songs I don’t know, I can sing old favorites! I often find myself singing children’s songs, as those are the ones that I sang so often before I went deaf. Mr. UT is a little tired of hearing Twinkle Twinkle at times! LOL

Joy is one of my favorite words. It doesn’t mean jumping up and down all of the time, although it can be. For me it means loving with all my heart. It means gratitude. It means seeing beauty in things. It means being kind. It means being content.

With Spring Springing,

On Day 2061,


Joy in the Morning (Link to song and movie)

I’ll bring you the gift of a sky full of blue birds
With never the sign of a cloud up above
I’ll bring you the lute of the laughter of children
And joy in the morning love

Joy, joy, joy, in the morning
Joy in the morning as long as you live
And these are the things I will give to my darling
These are the things to my darling I’ll give

I’ll buy you a gown made of lace from the willow
In all the wide world there’s no lovelier one
I’ll bring you a dream to keep under your pillow
And joy in the morning sun

Joy, joy, joy, in the morning
Joy in the morning as long as we live
And all of my love I will give to my darling
All of my love to my darling I’ll give

All of my love to my darling, I’ll give

16 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Songs are like dreams…we don’t know why they are brought to mind, and can bring on so many different emotions. I think there is always meaning on a subconscious level though. Keep singing and dreaming, lovely lady! 💕

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  2. That was so beautiful…love the word Joy!…couldn’t help but transition in my head to a long forgotten song!
    “Sing it now, joy to the world
    All the boys and girls
    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
    Joy to you and me”

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  3. Wow Wendy – After reading this post I have just been learning about cochlear implants. I had no idea that they sort of transmit sound via electronics to your auditory neural nerve! That sounds so clever! And yet totally explains why some songs would sound like a bus driving into a music shop!! ☺️ Are there any music types that sound better with your implants? It can’t have been an easy thing to get used to.
    Love your posts and pictures! That lake looks like a crystal mirror 💕 and the beautiful gnarly tree 🌳😍 it looks so peaceful there.

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    1. Live bands with good beats are fun to dance to for about an hour, as I can dance to the beat. But then it gets too much. Yes, although I have accepted this, I still grieve inside! But I’m ok!
      I love where we live!
      Thank you!

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    1. Joy is an attitude or a belief, which soothes even in the most sorrowful of situations. Joy comes from within; it is an internal view. Joy in the Biblical context, is not an emotion. It is not based on something positive happening in life, but is an attitude of the heart or spirit.” Found this for you!

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