Holding Hands

The sky touched me today,

Showing off eagles playing in the wind,

Brushing my face with blue and white.

I am so very grateful we can get outside and hike or walk.

On Day 2051,


23 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. Hi Wendy! You take such beautiful photos. I’m so glad you are both enjoying brighter sunnier days. I just hope all that snow is gone by the time we get up there in a couple weeks. 🙂
    Stay safe!
    J xx
    ps hope your mum enjoyed her 95th birthday. x

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      1. Yes. We still own a house up there. Daffodils are lovely, did you know they grow wild in England? They are everywhere this time of year.
        Happy Spring Wendy! 😎

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  2. Sobriety is colorful, happy, fresh, together, and in the moment. And probably smells great too! This is what this posts says to me. Love it.

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