Sometimes I Worry

Dear Readers,

Yes, sometimes I do worry. I worry about my country. I worry about the hate I see. I worry about the greed. I worry about Mr. UT dying. I worry about the fate of the planet, our beautiful and only home. I worry about my family. I worry about abused children and animals. I worry if I will have enough money for future health problems. I worry about who will help me when I am old.

There are so many things I can worry about, but I can’t live in worry. I can hope for the best, but plan for the worst. It’s all I can do.

I can vote to help my country. I can spread kindness, not hate. I can pickup litter, and use less plastic. I can and have saved money for the future. I can give money to organizations that help animals and children. I can stay in touch with friends and family so I will have support as I age.

So I choose to stay positive, even though there are times I struggle with this. Who would I help by complaining, or being Miss Wendy Downer. I wouldn’t help anyone, and I’d make myself miserable.

I know when I first started listing my resentments in my 4th step, I had so many resentments against people and institutions I had no control over. I had to understand that being angry all the time about them, did not change them. All it did was make me angry. I could march, give money to a cause, volunteer in areas I wanted to support, but I had to learn to let go of the resentments, worry, and hate. Take action, or let go.

In fact, I am trying not to use the word hate, although I DO hate packing and liver! A friend pointed out that instead of saying we hate packing, to reframe it and say, we want to look our best when traveling. Put it in the positive. Sounds corny, but it helps. Liver, however, is just a big, fat NO! (I can blame my parents who made us eat it when we were young. Seems like all the parents in the 50’s made their kids eat it! Mr. UT, too!)

Here’s the truth. I will die. So will Mr. UT. It might be today, it might be tomorrow, it might be when we are 90. We made it this far in life, and we will make it to where ever life takes us.

We made it with love, perseverance, resiliency, and with support from many other people. We had times of worry, but either accepted the situation, or took action. This helped us move beyond fear and worry.

On my flight home from New York City, I caught a beautiful sunset! I captured it, and as the sun was setting, I couldn’t help but feel love for our home, Earth.

With Mr. UT home from grocery shopping,

Bringing me a nonfat Chia Tea,

On Day 1962,


18 thoughts on “Sometimes I Worry

  1. Reframing how we say things is something that has helped me immensely!! Those days when I want to call in sick to work I say, “Some people don’t get to do what I’m doing right now. I GET to go to work and I’ll do my best to make a difference.”
    Not sure if you’re spiritual, but something else I’ve heard is, “If I’m worrying, I’m not praying. If I’m praying, I’m not worrying.” I’ve found that to be true for me.
    Sending good vibes and love!!

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  2. So tricky to stop worrying and you are right, either take action or let go. I’m a worry wart for sure though, as Collette says, it was worse when drinking.
    Plus .. liver .. ewwwwwww!! 🤢
    Claire xx

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  3. Oh, liver. The worst! My stepmom made me eat it once when I was growing up. I made such a fuss about it that she never tried it again. Oh, I can still taste and smell it now. Ugh. Yes, worrying. You can only do what you can do. It’s true. Hard to remember, though.

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  4. I worry about all sorts of things that aRe out of my control too. I have to take a pause and consider all the things I am grateful for and all the positives in life. I love your posts and wish you love and peace. Xx

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