Final Thoughts on Traveling Alone

Dear Readers,

I ran through NYC today! Good thing I walk fast because everyone walks fast here!
I ate fast, too! I even took a fast nap!

I took an Uber to the Empire State Building, went to the top, then walked to Grand Central Station, and on to Rockefeller Center, where I went to the “Top of the Rock”. From there I walked to Central Park, back to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and hailed a taxi back to my hotel. By that time I had no battery to call for an Uber!

My morning Uber driver was was raised in a Tibetan monastery. Having once worked in a casino, he does not like people who gamble, smoke or who get drunk. (Didn’t fess up here! Lol) His only job is Ubering, because he likes being his own boss, and no one can fire him!

I asked my cabbie if he accepted credit cards before I got in, and he reluctantly said yes. He was from Bangladesh, with family in both countries. He asked me if I like his cab! Lol I said yes! So clean!

After my fast nap, I walked to an AA meeting, not too far away. It was similar to meetings in Minneapolis, however much more diverse than the one I go to. The people here were of many races, educational levels, and backgrounds. All of us struggle with so many things, but we are learning that drinking doesn’t make life easier. I tried to talk to one young man afterwards, but he got away from me as fast as he could! Ha! I didn’t take it personally!

By then, it was raining, and dark, so I went on well traveled streets to the restaurant, The Black Ant. I felt like I was in a movie, as the streets were rather dirty and grimy, with trash bags on the sidewalks. Never felt scared, but I was walking so fast, not sure anyone could catch me!

At the restaurant, I apparently was eating at the “old people specials” time, because I was the only one there! However, one of the owners walked by and we chatted for a bit! She was quite impressed I was traveling by myself. She herself did when she was younger, when she told me everything was easier then.

Did I mention food and snacks? I had a chocolate croissant for lunch. Before my nap, I stopped at a classic New York deli and got the best cheesecake ever! The guy gave me two slices for the price of one! For dinner, I had two pork tacos, and fresh corn with crab meat. On the way home, I stopped at a drug store and got ice cream bars and a giant bag of peanut M & M’s! I am on vacation, after all!

Today I learned, everyone I asked for help tried to help, even if they had no idea. There is such a rich diversity of people who all want the same things; food, shelter, a job, a safe place to raise a family. Service people need smiles, too. So do street workers. Everyone needs smiles! They also need to hear “thank you”.

Although I felt anxious much of the day, I just kept going. I didn’t stay holed up in my hotel room. The good thing about traveling alone is I can go at my own pace, and I don’t have to compromise on what I’d like to see or do. Having my recovery friends help me was a big part of my success. I know the more I traveled alone the more I’d be more comfortable.

I missed not having Mr. UT with me, because I love sharing experiences with him. It’s one way we build our history! It’s also more fun for me to eat with him, and I certainly eat slower! I would still be eating all the snacks, however, as he is a big vacation snack eater!

I know the service people wish I came with another person, as I announced all the latest news to the hotel desk people and the doorman!

Home tomorrow, I will try to run to one other place if my feet allow it!

Feeling stuffed, with a call from Mr. UT,

On Day 1958,


Grand Central Station

29 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Traveling Alone

  1. Amazing photos and stories. I think it would be strange not to feel anxiety travelling alone somewhere like NY but you are acing it!! I’m sure Mr UT is relieved you’d rather he was there with you!! Imagine if you’d felt the opposite .. lol! I also suspect you have cheered up many a day for people there with your smiles and kind words. Really proud of you Wendy.
    Claire xx

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  2. I love this post and your previous NYC one as well! I admire you going to NYC alone and venturing out solo. That is very awesome and such a confidence builder! Your food pics look AmAzInG!!! Taco anything and I’m sold! LOL! I have been with my hubby since I was 15 years old. I’m 46 years old now and have never traveled solo. You are inspiring! Safe travels home and thanks for sharing your NYC trip! PS-I have the very same scarf as you are wearing in your pic! 😀

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  3. Wendy, I loved this post so much… I was in such a sad and grumpy mood and you just uplifted me! Just as I’m sure you’ve cheered every person you spoke to this day, whether they acknowledged it or not, they were lucky to get a taste of your beautiful personality. I love the photos too… keep it coming, just wonderful. ❤️

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  4. You are fierce!! I mean that in a good way. What a exciting trip, and doing it on your own. I think you are amazing. And thanks for sharing all the pics and experiences, fun stuff! xo Lia

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      1. Hi Claire! I am not on word press, not sure what platform I’m on, but my blog is called “No More”. I think you’ve visited once. I am well, on day 60. Still think of drinking, here and there, but holding steady. Hope you are doing well! Lia

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  5. Wendy, you were really brave to do NYC alone. I loved your stories and photos and have to agree with Elizabeth above – you would make a fabulous travel writer. Look out Rick Steves! lol.
    Safe travels home. Hugs xx

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  6. Ok its time for you to confess Wendy and reverend Jim will hear your confession without judgement. How do you stay so positive, all the time? Clearly you are using a drug unknown to the rest of us. WHAT IS IT? I want some!Jim x

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    1. Lol! Ask Mr. UT for the real truth! I do complain, and whine, but then I talk myself into happy, or laugh at myself. On this trip I was so excited I was just like a kid in a candy shop! Everything was delightful!

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      1. I used to travel to the USA a lot when working for a USA company – over 100 times at least. The company had it’s HQ on 42nd St – so was there often during various roles/projects etc.

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