New York City

Dear Readers,

I am in New York City! Mr. UT and I have been here before, but I have never been here by myself. Actually, the first time was when I was a youngster, and I remember a few things from that time. The first was that the some of the steps in the Empire State Building were green. The second was that a family from China thought I was cute and took a photo of me, and the third was that my dad actually drove through the city.

My Hotel!

Mr. UT and I came here about a year or two after 9-11. I remember it was so very hot! I also remember there was nothing left at the Twin Towers, no memorial yet.
I remember museums, Grand Central Station, and lots of delicious food!

This time, I am alone. My friend got sick, and she couldn’t join me, so I decided to come myself, because my Word of the Year is “Challenge”. (It’s certainly a challenge to write this post on an IPad!)

Some of my wonderful recovery friends are helping me from afar, one especially because she lived here on her own.

This is what I am learning. There are so many different people from many different lands, all making the city work. Except for a crabby cab driver, who made me pay cash, grrrr, everyone has been nice and helpful. I have asked several people for directions, talked to some of the street cleaners, and even one big policeman standing guard by the Federal Court Building while a famous employee person was coming out and news people were everywhere.

I learned the Twin Tower infinity pool is deeply moving. Everyone was quiet and respectful by the pool. There was a hush.

I also learned feet swell up and get tired walking on city blocks for 6.6 miles! Lots of Advil today! Lol

Dining alone is interesting. I ordered way too much food for one person, but oh my, it was delicious! I talked to the waiters, bus boys, and texted Mr. UT photos of the food. Then I just watched other people, and enjoyed the ambiance. I also found I ate too fast, but by then I was starving, having survived only on a big bag of Peanut M & M’s!

I had to locate a good pharmacy, to buy some cochlear implants batteries as mine are not lasting long!

The good news is, I have had no urges or thoughts of drinking, which makes me so happy! Besides saving a ton of money, I’m up and ready to go on my next adventure today! Well, not quite up! But I will be! Lol!

Oh, and I had to Google, “How to use a small Nespresso machine!”

With a Strong Cup of Coffee,

On Day 1957,


16 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Brilliant post Wendy and I am so proud of you for still going it alone. Many others wouldn’t, I’d like to think I would! It’s an amazing place with loads to experience. Keep posting the photos. Enjoy that feeling of strength and self belief you get from taking on a big challenge and also from being happy when alone. Enjoy your day and give my love to NYC!!
    Ps. Those Nespresso machines are a bugger to figure out! 😉
    Claire xxx

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  2. Good for you! I find that New York can feel a bit over-stimulating. More than once I’ve had to duck into a stall in the ladies room to have some alone time. I admire your moxie! Have a wonderful time!

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  3. Fabulous post, glad you decided to go. NYC is fabulous, I love it there! My often stated goal is to live there for 6 months – a far cry from my sleepy valley town in Victoria. I’m sure Crazy Cat Boy think’s I’m kidding, but I’ve got news for him! LOL.

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