Golden Sober Birthday

Young Wendy

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT reminded me it was my golden sober birthday! I was born in 1953, and today I have been sober 1953 days!! Time to celebrate! Any reason for me to walk and get a treat is good for me!

In my birthday year of 1953, the North Sea floods the Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth II is crowned Queen, the Korean War ends, the FBI rounds up communist leaders, the first polio vaccine is developed, the first color television sets go on sale, the first Corvette car goes on sale, and the first James Bond novel is published.

On my day 1953, I’m older. I used to hate getting older, with the wrinkles, aches and pains that come with it, but now I am finding freedom.

Yes, I am still hard on myself at times, but now I am also more forgiving of myself.

Yes, I still wish I went more places, had this thing or that, but now I am so grateful for all I have, and I have so much love in my life.

Yes, I wish I didn’t have old lady aches and pains, and my health issues, but now, I thank my body each day for the grace it gives me to keep moving, to how it still heals.

Wendy Today

Yes, I still feel left out at times, but now, I reach out when I feel that way, realizing I am the only one that can change that.

I am happy, which for me means, content. I don’t need anything more. I am loved and I give love.

Sitting at my kitchen island, with oatmeal, coffee and tea,

Sending Love to all of you on Day 1953,


36 thoughts on “Golden Sober Birthday

  1. Happy Sober Golden Birthday, Wendy! How cool is that! Lovely pics and you are still cute! I was a toddler in England when Queen Elizabeth was crowned. I remember watching the coronation with my family on a teeny tiny black & white TV. Hmm I feel ancient all of a sudden. HA! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day. xx

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      1. Clever Mr UT 😁, I’ve worked mine out to be August 2021! I have something to work towards at least but I would definitely want to snack when I get there! .

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  2. Happy Belated Golden Birthday!!! You look FANTASTIC and your daily outlook on life is delightful and warming! I loved reading all in history that has happened on your birthday year! Thank you for all your posts, wisdom and advice!!! ❀

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  3. Ya gotta love this post. Congratulations Wendy. Embrace that ageing process and all the gifts that come from the wisdom of growing older. It’s not an automatic process by any means, as I know many older people who are anything but wise. You however have done the hard work and continue to do so. Aches and pains sure ain’t fun, but they are easier to take when you know you are actively participating in the β€˜Great’ dance of life. Sadly, I don’t think many people get to experience that, but not you mighty Wendy. Hurrah to hubbie as well.

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