Widening My World

Dear Readers,

Just a quick update on my word of the year, “challenge”. It’s only been six days, but writing this helps me keep accountable. I have just started a good book on changing habits, and so far it’s been one of the best ones I’ve read. It’s called Atomic Habits, by James Clear. One of the tools he suggests is, “Pointing and Calling”. It means you say out loud what you are going to do. Writing it down helps, but saying it is extra powerful.

I have been getting up about an hour earlier using this technique and a mantra. I verbally tell Mr. UT that I will get out of bed by 9:15. (I still get my coffee in bed from him, I am retired after all!) I had to find a good replacement, because my bed is super soft and I get morning sun. I found coming to my new kitchen island with my laptop, has been a wonderful reward! The coffee is close, I have a television, I can write better with a straight back chair and it is very light! It’s a win win! I also have this mantra printed up and I read it as soon as I wake up, “I move to feel better, I move to feel stronger. I get up and move, Because I am strong”.

I have been walking or going to yoga everyday. My food intake has been good. I feel better, and not so bloated from all the holiday treats. I will still walk for a snack, but it has to be a small snack. Mr. UT and I actually split a small one! Harder for him than me, I think!!

I reached out to two friends to meet for coffee, yesterday, as one of my challenges is to reach out and ask life, rather than wait for life to happen to me.

Regina Walker

Next week, I am going to New York City to meet a writer friend I met on Twitter. Her name is Regina Walker, a licensed psychotherapist, and she writes for the FIX. She has some wonderful posts on recovery, shame, and other issues. I encourage you to read her posts! Traveling alone is a big challenge for me! I traveled several times last year to meet some of my other Twitter #recoveryposse friends, and they were some of the best experiences I have ever had! With support from Mr. UT and my friends, I know I can face the fear of traveling by myself! I am SO excited!! I’ll post more about this when I meet her!

Yesterday, I went to the Minnesota Zen Center, to hear a Dharma talk! It was fun to drive around our city lakes, and just experience something different.

Little and big things help make an interesting life. Now that I am retired, I have the freedom to expand my life, but in truth, I always did. I just chose to work too much, and later, to drink too much, to be able to see what I had right in front of me if I only took that leap of faith.

With Mr. UT bugging me to get ready to walk,

On Day 1949,


PS – The photo on the top is another of our city lakes, Lake Bde Maka Ska!

39 thoughts on “Widening My World

  1. So many good things in this post, and we got a little more of a window into your life! Wonderful. I loved this: “…to reach out and ask life, rather than wait for life to happen to me.” Very inspiring. ❤️

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  2. Wow inspiring post! You’ve already done and planned so much. I was debating not going to my gym class tonight but damn it, I’m going to go now! I’m saying it out loud!!!
    Well done you, all so exciting

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    1. For too many years, I would say I’ll go to yoga today, but never really made it a commitment. So I’d often not go. I write everything down now, including the TIME I am going. I keep track of how far I walk each day, or if I went to yoga. I say it outloud to Keith, and try to stack one habit to another. After my AA meeting, I go to yoga. That way, I don’t go home and talk myself out of it. It’s not perfect, as today I have a bad cold, and so will meet a friend after AA, then go for a walk instead. I also give myself a break when I am really sick. We are only human, not machines! Hugs! xo

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      1. I seem to give myself lots of breaks 😂
        I’ve ordered the book you recommended. I’m keen to try and form some helpful habits this year. Regular meditation, trying yoga and gym/run twice a week. I’m also really wanting to find my love of cooking again. I lost it when I spent so much time drinking. Alcohol overtook many hobbies and pastimes!!

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  3. Thank you for this post. I love that you’re still trying new things, very inspiring. I need to say more out loud as it’s too easy to give up when it’s just a commitment in my head.

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  4. Happy New Year, Wendy! What a great post to begin the year. Hope you have a fabulous trip to NYC. Love your WOTY. Mine is “embolden” which is somewhat similar to yours. I too, need to reach out and ask life, rather than wait for life to happen. I must remember that. Can’t wait to hear about your trip! Have fun!
    Hugs xx

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