Life Worth Living

On Our Walk

Dear Readers,
Life is hard. 

There is ugly with the beauty.
There is sadness with the happiness.
There is pain with the joys.
There is poor with the rich.

I have been very blessed. I have had health insurance, a home, money, a good husband, a good family, and good schools. 
I have had a wonderful teaching career.
I have had love and friends.
I have had all of these things along with the hard side of life.

Yet, even my hard things are nothing compared to what I see around the world.

So today I choose to feel blessed.

I choose to celebrate the beauty I see today, as well as volunteering, helping others to make life a bit less hard for them.

Yesterday, a man who just had 39 years sober, said that now he has a life worth living.

My Beautiful Mother at 93!

That is the truth. 
Being sober means I can live my values, and live a life that is honest, helpful, caring and loving.
Drinking took part of that away. I was living some of my values, but I wouldn’t call it living fully. I had resentments, anger at things I had no control over, I was self-centered much of the time

Having a life worth living doesn’t mean I run around all of time.
In fact, I find myself happier at home, writing, walking or hiking, taking nature photos, volunteering, and keeping my home neat and clean. 
Having a life worth living means I make hub’s life, my friends’ lives, my family’s life a bit brighter, because I am not all morose because of my drinking.

It means I make my life brighter!
And speaking of brighter, we are a month behind our normal spring here, but it has finally come to Minnesota!
And that is something we are celebrating with gusto!!!

With Blue Skies, and Green on the Way,
On Day 1336,

24 thoughts on “Life Worth Living

  1. Thank you for another beautiful post on how sobriety can change life. Looking at your mother's foto I understand where you got your good looks. 🙂 xx, Feeling


  2. Beautifully written, Wendy! Your life sounds wonderful and peaceful. Congrats on 44 months of freedom. You inspire me to keep going. Yes, a beautiful spring day here in Minneapolis. 🙂


  3. Boy, 93 ain't what it used to be! Your mom looks wonderful..and like a wonderful person. Continued congrats to you….always helps to remember to be grateful, doesn't it.!


  4. Lovely post, Wendy 🙂 we always need to remember our blessings! Agreed w/ Feeling I see where your good looks and lovely smile come from. How wonderful it is that we are sober and able to enjoy life! xx


  5. Just love it. As crystal clear as sobriety makes our thinking. Thoughtful and true. Thank you for this. I needed to read something that could help my gratitude.


  6. Then we can congratulate us on our 44th month of sobriety now. 🙂 Yay!!!! On average I get myself a new book every month at my sobriety day. 🙂 And then I double the amount of books just to be sure I got enough…. Hmmm,… sound familair :-D.xx, Feeling


  7. Wow, what a jolt! That gorgeous new springtime pic!! Just came by for a look and got 'smacked' with those lovely pink petals! Nice job, Wendy. All your photos are quite special.


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