Dear Readers,

I Loved Singing With Little Ones!! 

I have been going through some of the songs I have written, and I found one that I wanted to share with you.

Mr. UT does a lot of waiting for me in life. 
He waits for me to get ready for a walk, to get ready to go out at night, and to get ready to get moving in the morning.
Now, granted he’s used to it, but sometimes his patience is stretched a bit!
He tells me I have two speeds, SLOW and STOP! 
Which is true!

But the waiting Mr. UT had to do when I was drinking, was not so funny.
He waited years for me to accept I had a drinking problem.
Sometimes I would run away to a hotel after we had a fight, and he waited all night to hear from me, to be sure that I was safe.
He waited to make sure I got home safe from my hair appointments, because I would sometimes stop and get a drink on the way home.
He waited for me after happy hours with my friends, because he knew I often stayed longer than they did, and kept drinking.

He waited for me because he loved me.

After I had been sober for a month, I wrote a song that was hard for him to listen to at first. Once again, I wish I could sing it for you, but I with my hearing loss, I can’t tell if I am in tune, which is important to me.
So here are the words:

Somebody’s Home   By Wendy October 9, 2014

Sitting on the bar stool,
Sipping my wine,
Somebody’s home to love me,
But I forgot the time.
Talking to my bar friends,
Funny as can be,
Somebody home is waiting,
But I feel free.
Please leave on the lights
Hold open the door for me
Promise I’ll be home tonight
Sometime, later, I’ll be in your arms,
Home tonight.
Another one before I go,
Stay a little please,
Somebody’s home with dinner,
But I don’t want to leave,
Don’t know why I’m staying here,
The hold is way too strong,
Somebody home is calling,
I know I’ve been too long.

Please leave on the lights
Hold open the door for me
Promise I’ll be home tonight
Sometime, later…

The good news is, he waited.
With Much Love,
On Day 1299,

23 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Wonderful Wendy. This brings tears to my eyes. It so clearly depicts the prison of addiction. I put your song to tune myself here. Maybe when we build up enough confidence we can send you our version instead of asking for yours. 🙂 🙂 :-). Not there yet though. 🙂 xx, feeling


  2. Day 1399 for me 🙂 the tune is beautiful, Wendy, and it really explains the hold alcohol can have on someone, we know someone loves us, is waiting for us, but yet we continue(d) xx


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