Talking Myself into the Day

Dear Readers,

Snow Sculptures in St. Paul!

I am not a morning person. In fact, I have to talk myself into the day.
Most mornings I wake up with anxiety. I struggle to get out of bed.
Usually I use the phrase, I Can Do It, and then I can get up.

Once I am up, make breakfast, read the paper, I can easily slip into a do nothing mode. The three things that help me the most are thinking of other people, positive self-talk, and gratitude.

When I start to text someone a good morning, how are you, that extends me out of myself. I often send a prayer to all those who are suffering with addiction or a physical problem. Then I start my self-talk, saying things that are funny to make myself laugh, and to start to love each thing I do.

This guy was really cool!

I love joy, and I often talk myself into a state of joy. If I treat each little thing I do, like making oatmeal, with a sense of fun, playfulness, and joy, it totally changes my day. 

Sometimes I set a mantra for the day. A few days ago, I used the following:
Move with joy
Thoughts of love
Words of Kindness

This simple mantra carried me through the day and in fact did help me!

I have problems with my back, as many people do. But to keep me away from the self-pity, I laugh at how I struggle at times to get up bed, making it a game of sort. Sometimes I talk to my back saying, “Hi back! I will get you the heating pad soon! Hang on in there!” 

This might sound a bit silly, or old lady like, (which of course I am), but it really does work. The wonderful thing about being sober, is I don’t have the extra layer of shame or self-loathing in the morning, so I have a much better place of which to start!

There is joy everywhere, if we just look and let it in. We can extend joy out in the world with not much effort! I give hubs a joyful kiss and hug when he comes home from work!

This has been a good week, one where I was able to support people I love, make kits with naloxone, and get to yoga. Nothing big, but little things with love, kindness, and joy.

With Much Love,
On Day 1254,

PS – I was so surprised to be given an award! My first ever! It was from Thank you to the people who included me!! 

Mr. UT is so cute!! 

22 thoughts on “Talking Myself into the Day

  1. Wendy, thanks for another lovely post, I love your mantra and I'm a big fan of them for changing our mindsets. I'm also finding yoga a real life changer as well. Your care for others is obvious in the words you write and you are a real blessing. Sending you a huge hug PMNM xxxx


  2. Wendy, I so needed to read this morning! We always get what we need if we pay attention. You are such a joy to \”know\”! Thank you and I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award- Congratulations!!


  3. Great post, as always. I too have found that positive (mental so the kids don’t laugh) chanting is helpful.Congratulations on the award!!!! Well-deserved.


  4. My mornings are terribly slow, too. (Although they are starting a lot more refreshed the past few days after actually getting whole CHUNKS of 4 and 5 hours of sleep at a time!) But how I do enjoy winter mornings, just sitting and reading. I try to urge myself along with chores I can,t seem to get at by reminding myself how GOOD I'll feel when it's done. Perhaps I should try a mantra instead.


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