What are Your Gifts?

Dear Readers, 
The other day I was helping a friend write down her strengths and gifts. She has been struggling with being lonely, and has been feeling low.

Mr. UT encouraged me to do this several years ago!!

Too often, we don’t see the gifts we have. 

I know I didn’t.
I also learned that when my drinking got worse, my self-loathing got worse.
Drinking added another layer of shame onto the ones I already had.
Sometimes, it’s hard to see the good in oneself, because we are so often taught it is selfish.

This friend has so many gifts to give. When I started writing them out for her to see, she was amazed at what she can offer the world.

The thing about gifts, however, is that they, like life, can change. I had a gift of music and that changed. Now I found the gift of writing this blog! 

The other thing about gifts is we have to use them to make the world a better place!
If I keep my gifts all hoarded to myself, it only makes me a small person.
By looking at the things I can give to the world, my family, my friends, and strangers, I am given a way to help people.

If one of your gifts is kindness, then that is something you can use. Our world desperately needs kindness. 
If one of your gifts is patience, be proud of that, and help other people waiting in line to be patient, too.

I thought of some my Hub’s gifts, as he has many:

Mr. UT finishing our lower level!

able to fix things, build things
problem solving
good with money and finances
good at his job
a good friend
hard working

I look at his gifts I realize not only does he use them with me, he also uses them with his friends, neighbors, and family. And although he sometimes swears at other drivers, he also uses these to make the world a better place!

Looking at a person’s gifts make me appreciate them more. Looking at what gifts I have to offer helps me balance the self-anger and shame I used to have. 

The biggest gift I have to offer the world right now is joy. If I can help one person laugh or smile today, I have used my gift of joy. 

With a Hand out to Help,

Mr. UT plans many adventures for us!

On Day 1257,

14 thoughts on “What are Your Gifts?

  1. Yes. It is only a gift if we share it. Because love and compassion are always the right answer.I used to be mean. Critical of myself and others. Competitive. None of those traits help me now. In fact, when I notice them come up I know I need a break.Soft, gentle. Contentment. Life should not always be hard.Hug. You always have a beautiful perspective.Anne


  2. Hi Wendy, your posts are always full of joy. They are also so wise and thought-provoking. Your post has made me think that some of the things that I am grateful for as blessings could actually be thought of as gifts. It seems such a slight change of words but really it’s a major shift in how you choose to look at the world. Some gifts seem easier to share than others, but you’ve really set me thinking. Thank you. Love Flossie x


  3. You are nice to help your friend see her strengths & be so complimentary of your hubs, and always a supportive voice on the blogs generally and to me specifically. Thank you for sharing your joy with us all.


  4. This is a beautiful reminder of the goodness that exists in you, us, and humanity. Often “gifts” are considered material things, but that is limiting. The gifts you describe give endlessly. Love you! M


  5. The world needs your joy right now and always! I have a friend that during my worst of times would always say \”I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.\” Helping others to see their gifts is a way of passing the blessings on. Thank you for passing on yours.


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