A Perseverance Story

Dear Readers,

Every time I go to a meeting I hear stories of perseverance. Some people have health issues, financial issues, family problems, but they keep taking one small step at a time, and things get better for them. They keep working on staying sober.

This is one of my stories of perseverance.

When I was in my first year of college, I started having mood and anxiety problems. I was saying up all night eating, I couldn’t sleep at all. My heart was racing.

I was overreacting to many situations. I was crying all the time.
One time I ran in front of Mr.Ut’s car, (we were dating), and told him to run me over.
I started flunking out of my classes, and I had to drop out of the university orchestra.
I really felt as if I was going mad, and some people even suggested I should be in a mental institution.

My parents thought I was going through a phase at first, but as time went on, my mother noticed my eyes bulging out.

Our family doctor could find nothing wrong, but my mother would not be dismissed. She brought me back to the doctor, knowing something was seriously wrong.

Finally we discovered I had hyperthyroidism.

It is a condition where your thyroid is overactive. It’s like being all hyped up without a turn off switch.

I had to drop out of college for a semester, and had an operation that removed my thyroid.

I now take a thyroid replacement.
Once my body got evened out, I went back to college and finished my teaching degree with honors.

Without perseverance, my mom and I would have given up, and my life could have been very different

My mom never gave up trying to find an answer.
I never gave up after I had flunked classes.
I had to work so hard to get back and earn my degree. 

There are other stories I will tell to illustrate that in my life, persisting despite obstacles really did lead to success.

That includes getting and staying sober.

It takes work, darn hard work, to get and stay sober. But in the end, it is worth every day I am here. I see the end result and I want that, so I will keep doing what I need to do to stay sober today.

With Love,

On Day 1,166,

PS – I have given up coffee. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. It’s my sixth day, and I am loving it. The first five days were not that fun, but today, I feel good. My energy seems constant. I gave it up because it was seriously messing with my digestive system.

10 thoughts on “A Perseverance Story

  1. Wendy…I read the \”Why I stopped drinking\” post, then this one. I never really realized just how it was for you…even at college age with the anxiety and health issues and such…I was saddened reading all these things, feeling that you were suffering so much and feeling so very alone. But here you are – always beaming in your pictures and clearly loving life. You are such an inspiration to me, how you just attack life lovingly. I need to work on that…lol. But I love the perseverance. As for the coffee…wow. I am drinking one now as I type this. I don't know how I could go without it, but you know, I thought the same with booze…lol.God bless you, Wendy.paul


  2. You seem like someone who is willing to do whatever it takes. And that is inspiring and heartwarming.I’m glad you gave such a strong and supportive mom.As for coffee…I love mine. And it has unending health benefits.But digestive problems are horrible and if it helps to give it up, why not. I gave up gluten when I was diagnosed with celiac disease.Hugs. Thank you for sharing this.Anne


  3. What an amazing story (love the photo's Wendy).You are so right about people who don't give up on you and Mr UT didn't run you over thank goodness and you are here to help so many of us through one of the biggest decisions of our life – to give up addiction.How though, you are managing to give up coffee is a bit foreign to me but am loving the already positive changes it has had for you.Always the Wonderful Wendy.Michelle xxx


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