Mr. UT’s Update

Here we are this summer!

Dear Readers,
Mr. UT had his operation yesterday, and it went very well. 
His surgeon was able to remove the polyp the easier way, so he was home the same day.
Now we have to wait for the pathology report to be sure there was no cancer. 
More waiting, but the doctor said if she saw anything that seemed like it was cancerous, she would have done the more invasive procedure.
(Read here for my first post about his operation.)
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers!

We can walk now, but will have to wait a week to do more of our active fun stuff!
So today we went for a short walk, and will hunker down for binge watching House of Cards tonight!

With so Much Gratitude, 

PS – I reached my 25 months sober anniversary on October 4! 

26 thoughts on “Mr. UT’s Update

  1. Thanks for update – so pleased to hear procedure proceeded well and that you are taking short and stately walks. Hugs to you both! Prim xx


  2. Oh, such wonderful news!! I'm so glad the waiting (most of it) is over for the two of you now. Let us know how the lab tests turn out. Enjoy your low-key weekend 🙂


  3. Excellent news, surgeons love to cut so if they didn't it must have been a clean excision. The wait will feel long but this too shall pass. It is so lovely to read and feel how connected you are as a couple. Keeping you in my thoughts for a clean bill of health. Well done on 25 months 🙂


  4. Dear Wendy, I have been a \”lurker\” on your blog and you have given me help and hope! I just want to say I am so happy to hear this news about your dear husband, been thinking of you. And Congratulations on your 25 months. You have inspired me. I am now 125 days sober after 30 years of very heavy drinking and doing well. Wouldn't be here without the wonderful people like you sharing their journey so beautifully and selflessly. Your friend, Melissa


  5. Great news about your husband! Haven't cruised my blogroll in a while so it feels late to be saying this but CONGRATULATIONS on 25 months–that must feel pretty damned good. I'm glad to know it keeps getting better. Thanks too for all the comments on my blog; it's always fun and encouraging to see \”oooh! A comment!\” Hugs.


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