Some Worry, Some Faith

Dear Readers,
Yesterday we learned that Mr. UT will need an operation to remove a large colon polyp.
We met with the surgeon, and she walked us through what needs to happen.

The polyp is large and close to the top of the colon, so it has to be removed by surgery.
This type is precancerous, and as she explained, it can hide cancer cells in it.
It will have to be biopsied when it is removed.

She will try to remove it with a scope, but chances are, it will have to be removed by cutting it out, as well as part of the colon.
The colon will then be reattached. 

This of course can have side effects, including problems with bowel movements, and a possible chance of leakage where the colon is reattached.

I am nervous.
Mr. UT is nervous.
I have been through 11 operations.
Mr. UT has only been through one, his tonsils out when he was a little kid.
He will have to stay in hospital for about five days, and it takes about a month before he can go back to work.
The surgeon did not give us a, “Oh, I probably can get it with the scope.”
She wants to be careful because it is easy to poke a hole in the colon, and that is another reason she would cut it out.

Mr. UT gave me the go-ahead to write about this, which is pretty cool, since he is way more private than I am!
I wish he could have the operation soon, but it won’t be until early October. 
So this just sits there, in the back on my mind.
I know the anxiety we feel is normal.

All we can do is trust that all will go well.

With a lot on my mind,
Wendy and Hubs

38 thoughts on “Some Worry, Some Faith

  1. Hi Wendy. Sending best wishes to you and Mr UT on his upcoming surgery. Medical stuff always scares me, too. But I try to remind myself that getting things seen to is better than hiding away from them, though I still often prefer the latter strategy! I hope you're both doing well under the strain. Hugs to you! xo


  2. Sorry to hear this but glad it is found and there is a plan. Without sounding trite, break it down into days, hours, minutes and you will get through. It is obviously a worry and you will have several days of catastrophe thinking but then you will settle into the reality of this is all there is to know. If you read something negative, set your mind to find a positive. It is so easy to get caught up in the negatives we forget to acknowledge the positives. Mr UT seems to be fit and healthy and you look after yourselves so you are starting from a good place I think. Sending you big big hugs.


  3. I'm sorry to hear this Wendy, but glad it was found early. Surgery is always scary. It must be hard having to wait. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. A x


  4. Sending ((hugs)) to you and Mr.UT. So happy you've caught this early, and chances are more than good that everything will turn out fine, but it's still very scary stuff! Hang in there, good that you are taking care of you!sending even more big virtual hugs(: jadedxo


  5. p.s. it would only let me comment as \”anonymous\” :(not sure what i'm doing wrong–but wanted to say hi and send hugs!!!! …i am jaded8 over at wordpress(:


  6. Prayers to you both. Waiting games are not fun, but grateful the problem has been discovered and there is a solution. Thank you for sharing so we can send our kind thoughts and prayer your way. -SQ


  7. Glad they found it early, Wendy, and I send you and Mr. UT de-anxious vibes… Make that, peaceful vibes! I'm sorry you have to wait until October for the surgery. May September be a time of insights and surprising peace and presence.


  8. Hi Jaded!I found that the best way to \”talk\” between platforms is to make an account.I made a WPaccount, so that way it's easy for me to leave you comments. I noticed many WP people make Goggle accounts (free) so they can easily make comments. xo


  9. Ah, the little curve balls life likes to toss our way just to keep things interesting. Love and prayers to you both, may light shine your way illuminating the other side of it all. Thoughts are with you both. Hugs, Gael.


  10. Scary, but thank you for sharing.The serenity prayer can be super helpful. It's in the surgeons hands.Hugs to you and my tipsy.Keep writing if you are worrying. Hopefully vocalizing the thoughts will help.Anne


  11. hugs to you both… these are the seasons of a marriage where all the trust and faith you have built in one another will prove a strong foundation for the waiting and the procedure ahead. hang in there, Mr and Mrs. you are doing a great job. Prim xxx


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