Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our Wedding!

Dear Readers,
Yesterday was our 40th wedding anniversary!
Yikes! That’s a long, long, long time!
Mr. UT and I are high school sweethearts, meeting in 11th grade.
We went steady for 7 years before getting married.
And here we are…47 long years later!

We celebrated by going out to dinner, golfing, and biking!
And eating ice cream!
I kept thinking we should be having a big party or something, but in the end, a simple celebration was perfect. 

One of the things I love about being sober, is that we are becoming more active again.  
We always used to go skiing, hiking, and camping.
We learned how to golf together, although hubs is way better than I am!

Biking to Minnehaha Falls 

Right now, my favorite activity to do together is biking.

I feel so free when I am on my bike!

When my drinking slowly increased, I found I was so focused on drinking or getting a drink, that much of what I thought about became, “When or where can I go to get a drink?”
Golfing became about getting beer. 
Skiing became getting a drink on the hill.
Then I would be so tired, and I would not want to do anything.
Friday nights became all about drinking.
Now, our Friday nights are about going for a walk.

We are, without a doubt, so much happier now that we are not drinking. This does not mean everything is perfect.
But it does mean we argue less, overreact less, laugh more, and love more deeply.

With Much Love on Day 718,
Wendy and Mr. Ut

32 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Happy 40th wedding anniversary to you and Mr UT! You are both so inspiring. You have such an enriched and active life. I love it! Congrats on 718 days! A x


  2. Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!! Love the powder blue suit. ; ). So glad you are still happily sober and being more active again!!


  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. You look adorable in both pictures. I love what you say about the energy for the things you used to do. Yes, I remember what it was like when drinking and how that consumed so much time and mental energy. I sure don't miss those days. Enjoy your biking and many adventures together.


  4. Wow 40 years! You two haven't changed a bit! Both of you are so inspiring–And a big 2-year soberversary coming up as well–huge congrats to you!! xx


  5. I hate to use alcohol as a reference but like a bottle of good wine you have only improved with age. You both look amazing. Congrats to you and Mr UT with a side congrats to you on 718


  6. Superb blog post Wendy, thank you for sharing. I have a few more posts to catch up on on yours, been a bit sit I visited. Love your wedding photo, so cute, and congrats on your milestone anniversary. Reading about how everything became about drinking, when are we going to have drinks, what am I going to drink next and so on… is SO true. I remember going snowboarding years ago and always wondering when we are going to break at the lodge and have a few beers… most of the time we spent it at the lodge rather than snowboarding. Friday nights were always picking up drinks and drinking, and to continue on Saturday and probably Sunday, then pretty much all week to keep chasing the feeling, or rather, masking that feeling of feeling like shiat! Sorry to hear about Mr. UT, I hope he has a good recovery xo!


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