2 Years!!

Year Two 

Dear Readers,
On September 4th, I am 2 years sober!
As I was looking back at my one year post, I noticed that much what I said then, still holds true now, so I am reposting it below.

Dear Readers,
Today I have been alcohol free for 366 days!
As I write this, I am sitting up on a deck by a beautiful lake in northern Minnesota, with my good friends, and of course my cute hubs.

The weather is absolutely perfect.

And I am good.

So what I have learned about not drinking?

1. Alcohol is not romantic. I had to really work on this. If anything, it made me too tired to have a nice night with my Loved One. Romantic is sharing conversation, holding hands, candles, smiles, and love. 

2. It took awhile. I had horrible urges when I first tried to quit, and I was not able to cope with them. I was very close to going on antabuse if the urges hadn’t gotten better. But then, they did! 

3. No one cares if I don’t drink. It’s just my own perceptions that need changing.

4. I can choose to make myself miserable or happy about not drinking.

5. It is a change, and I need time to adapt to living a different way, learning to live life one day at a time. 

6. I couldn’t do this alone. I needed and still need people to help me. Only people with an alcohol addiction really know what it’s like. I love my on-line community, my AA community, my doctors, my yoga teachers and buddies, and family and friends.

7. I am learning to deal with depression and anxiety, again. I had them before my drinking got heavy. Then I started to try to drink all those feelings away. It surprised me that they didn’t go away, and if anything are coming to forefront again. However, I no longer have the terrible  alcohol induced depression and anxiety. I am so thankful for that!

8. I love my yoga practice!

9. Giving up drinking does not solve all my problems. There are no easy fixes, except for these:

I no longer have the problems of drunk driving, falling down, sloppy speech, blacking out, hangovers, waking up in cold sweats, spending money, and hanging out in bars for hours. 
I am very happy not to make any more problems for myself, as I have enough normal ones!

10. Being scared is normal. I was very scared. I was scared of losing friends, coping without drinking, and going to meetings. But that went away with time.

In the future it is my hope and dream that I can keep letting go of the anxiety around not drinking. I have made great strides, but this is an area I still need to work on. The same goes for the “poor me, I can’t drink” thoughts that can pop up at dinner parties, which are connected to some social anxiety.

I am working to grow spiritually as well as emotionally, because I know some of my problems are from lack of growth in these areas.

If you are still struggling, I want to encourage you to never give up. I know it takes work. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Keep searching for the best ways to help yourself. If one way isn’t working try something else. I knew I needed to do everything, so I did everything. 

The best gift from being sober is peace of mind.

To all of you dear readers, I not only thank you for your help and support, I wish you a wonderful, glorious day!

With Much Love from the Northern Woods,
On Day 731,

50 thoughts on “2 Years!!

  1. Congratulations on your two years, Wendy!! I like how you included what you wrote last year because it's still true. Those are some profound truths. You are a shining star in sobriety and show how much brighter life can be without drinking. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. a very heartfelt congratulations to you Wendy. what an amazing milestone. i just reached my 2 year mark too as you will know/remember.love from Lisa


  3. I'm sorry, but I have to oppose #3, I care if you drink. I do. I don't ever want to hear your compassionate voice slip from our community here in the blogospere. I don't want future bloggers to be denied your kindness and non-judgmental encouragement. I care. So there!


  4. Oh, Kary May!When I went back and looked at #3, I saw what you are talking about, so I will fix it!I am glad you pointed that out!Thank you so much for your kind words. I really do wish everyone who suffers from drinking too much, can see there is a better way!I am glad you care!!xo


  5. Congratulations! Your post made my cry….it was so beautifully heartfelt! Thank you so much for all of the support you have given me! I didn't know how much I needed you in those beginning days! xo


  6. Congratulations on 2 years Wendy!! You truly are an inspiration to me. Your blog has helped me so much over the last couple of years. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. A x


  7. Dearest Wendy, massive congratulations on your two years sober and lots of love to you! I don't know if you realise how generous a spirit you are? You are you know! I love the beautiful photo. Love from The Sober Garden x.


  8. Dear Wendy,I am so proud of you. 2 years is amazing. It's been wonderful to hear of the changes in your life, the happiness that shines through your posts (most of the time – hey life is never perfect) and to see you.I'm sorry I went AWOL and that this is late. I hope its not too late. With much love and massive respect,Claire xxx


  9. another belated comment here to congratulate you on your very real achievement of two years sober. two years is a BIG DEAL. I was so conscious that PAWS can last for up to two years and so if we can get past that point the physical effects of alcohol withdrawal will be well and truly behind us. and you've done it! hurrah!also wanted to echo others' comments above about your positive presence here in the sober sphere. so many times I come across a new blogger, go and check out their blog – and find that you are there already, leaving positive and encouraging comments! I'm sure you have made a big difference to countless lives – and I include mine among them. big love from England and looking forward to walking alongside you in the future! Prim xx


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