Happy Times

Dear Readers,
Last week was a time of celebrations.

My Cute Neighbor

It was my birthday, and I also celebrated 23 months sober! 

My birthday was filled with golf with a friend, coffee dates, a dinner date, and lots of love.
It was perfect.
I also did a dog walking for a neighbor’s dog! 
I loved that! 
He’s a cutie pie!

Flowers are filling my life right now. 
Hubs and I bought a beautiful planter, and I put vincas in it.
I also bought myself some yellow roses for inside the house, and I think that will be a weekly treat from now on.


I continue to work on my mind-set and self talk.

If I want the good things to continue in my life, I have to go get them.
I tend to discount the positives of doing something, and focus on the negatives.
I love to go a particular yoga class on Saturday morning, but when it comes around, I often talk myself out of it, saying, “It’s too early, and I can’t do it.”
But when I go, I love it!
I see some wonderful yoga buddies, and my body feels good afterwards!
I can talk myself out of anything, because my first default thinking is, “It’s too hard!”
I have been putting off writing this post, because I couldn’t think of something to say, so today, after yoga, I just decided I would start typing. 

For those of you who are newer to my blog, I added a feature post that tells you why I stopped drinking. (It’s on the right side of my blog page.)
I continue to get support from my yoga buddies and teachers, family, friends, and AA buddies.

I think it’s important to celebrate this accomplishment.
Whether it’s 1 day or 700 days, it’s something to be proud of.
Every day I choose to stay sober, means I am choosing life.
It means I am choosing to make the world around me a little bit better.
It means big smiles from my cute hubs.
It means I am free.

With Flowers and a Fur Friend,
On Day 702,

40 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. Hi Wendy, well done on 23 months and such an inspiring post. I think all too often we choose the 'it'll be too hard' default setting. Depriving ourself of some fun, exciting or enjoyable times. Toda I was hoping and praying a friend would cancel our coffee date only to get confirmation it was still on. I was disappointed but I went, and whatta ya know…..we had a great day by the sea and chatted up a storm. The little bit of extra effort we put it to something is often rewarded a thousand fold. So glad you persuaded yourself to sit down and write the post. Make a plan for 24 months and stick to it whatever it is. Skydiving maybe ha ha.


  2. hi wendy,i feel so lucky to have found your blog(: i also do the \”it's too hard\” & i need to work on that!you should be so very proud (i also read your amazing story of why you quit) you are truly an inspiration! hugs.jadedxo


  3. Congratulations! I can't imagine 702 days from where I'm at – it's inspiring, thanks for sharing x


  4. Hi Wendy! !!!!!!Yay. 23 months. Awesome. I'm just a tad ahead yay for us. Sorry I'm still here just a bit silent.Glad others are finding your writing an inspiration Love from lisa


  5. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a good time. I too talk myself out of things which I know I will enjoy and will make me feel good. I am working on it though! You are so right, every day of choosing sobriety mean choosing freedom, happiness and life to me too. Thank your for reminding me of this. Xx


  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Soberversary 🙂 The flowers & doggie are adorable. I have a tendency to talk myself out of things too, but you're right it feels so much better afterward! xx


  7. Between you and Sober Betty, I am motivated to do something today! I tend to think the world is outside of my house, thereby neglecting the space in which I live. I need to buy flowers! Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. Flowers are lovely, Wendy! Now I'm inspired to get my baskets hung up before the summer is over. I've been working on my social skills too. I often set up coffee dates early on weekend mornings to get me out of bed! Today I had a 9am hair appt. Sometimes the inertia is difficult to overcome, but we have to propel ourselves anyway.


  9. Happy birthday, Wendy, and happy 23 months sober, too! I like how well you show the ongoing work it takes to live well as a sober person and also how much joy you find in it. You are such a wonderful person! And I'm so glad to know you here. xo


  10. Happy birthday Wendy! What a great post. Flowers are lovely, I might try and do the same. Thanks for sharing your story, Congrats on 23 months! You are inspiring. A x


  11. I'm a negative self-talker too! Quitting has improved that, but not eliminated it. And postponing that which we mean to do? Oh, yes!! Your posts are so well-written and open. I've just read the 'Why I Quit' from last December and commend you – for the way you commnicate and your willingness to be so honest in order to help others. Which I know you do – me included. Many more happy days to you!


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