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Dear Readers,
Mr. UT was on vacation last week, and we decided to stay home and “play” outside.
We went golfing, fishing, canoeing, biking, and hung out on our deck.
It got super hot a few days, but we managed to still have fun!
We are lucky to live in a beautiful state with many lakes, bike paths, and places to enjoy nature.

Today my body is hurting. I never know when it will hurt, or how long it will hurt. 
To help feel better, I said a prayer to all the other people who are suffering with pain, and sent them healing thoughts. I went outside in the sun. I fed the birds and watered my flowers.
But most of all, I was very gentle with my body. I didn’t yell at it, and I didn’t get in despair.
I took some big breaths and moved slowly. 
When my body hurts, I know that I need to move. Sitting for long makes it worse.

I think of all the people in pain; emotional, physical, or mental. There are many of us.
So many people look for relief but can’t find it.
It’s no wonder so many of us end up being addicted to something.

Now I am not using drinking as a way to deal with my pain, so I am finding new ways to help myself.
For my emotional pain, I am learning how to change my thinking, to examine my thoughts.
My thoughts are not always true. I am also learning that I will be hurt once in awhile. 
That’s life. It’s not always fair.
I am learning that I am very loved, and when I feel my worse, if I reach out to help someone else, I feel better almost at once. I am learning to get out of my own head and act. Often I over think something, and that makes me feel worse.

To help me with the mental pain of depression, I am learning to do the same…to examine the thoughts that lead me to feeling depressed. I often over generalize those thoughts. My depression is often linked to my physical and emotional pain, so when I help that pain, my depression eases.

I have been learning how to deal with my physical pain from my yoga teachers, PT, books, and other people. Often, I need help with this, and I ask someone to meet me for coffee or a walk, so that I am “forced” to get up and move. Because I find that if I just sit at home all day, feeling sorry for myself, I feel worse.

Today, I texted an AA friend and told him I was going to the meeting. That makes me get up and go. I am always glad I go. I hear such wonderful stories of strength and hope, and it always uplifts me.  And just maybe, someone will hear something I say and it will help them.

With Much Love to All of You Beautiful Blogger Friends,
On Day 691

PS – Thank you for your wonderful comments on Mr. UT’s post!

24 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Your insight is very powerful Wendy. It is great that you know that reaching out will help and you do it. I am sorry you are in pain. Tori x


  2. I totally get that making yourself accountable by sending someone a text thing. I need that sort of accountability in my life too. Sometimes if I don't make that text, I won't go.Nice catch! I was all set to take my boy out the other day when I forgot I left all my bait and tackle at home (we're on vacation). Oh well. We went for a nice Kayak ride instead.


  3. sorry to hear you're not feeling well but fair play on getting up and moving. Sometimes that's the hardest thing to do. Like giving up drink, he hardest thing but the thing you know you have to do…xxx


  4. How wonderful to have a holiday in your own city! I'm so happy to hear you and Mr UT got to do that. I'm sorry though that you are in pain. There is nothing worse. You seem to be handling it well though, you are amazingly strong! 691 days is awesome!! A x


  5. I'm sorry about your pain. I'm glad you are handling it so well. Your words do remind me to feel grateful that I haven't experienced chronic pain. So thank you for posting. xx


  6. Sorry you are feeling pain. Your strength and wisdom are inspiring. I lift you up in prayer, and hope that by the time you read this comment, you are in a better place, physically. My best to you and God bless. -Secret Quitter (p.s. I would post from my wordpress name, but for some reason, I have trouble on blogspot when I try doing this. No matter. 🙂 )


  7. Hi Wendy, sorry for the late comment 😉 I've dealt with chronic muscle pain for 20+ years, it can be frustrating and depressing. Thankfully I've found that popping pain pills and drinking certainly didn't help the situation. Getting up and moving is so much better sober! Hope you're feeling better. xx


  8. Thank you for this post Wendy. As I continue my journey I come across lots of situations where I would have opened a bottle and am realising that I very often used alcohol to medicate emotional and physical back pain. Making this conscious and thinking about alternatives is important. Xx


  9. It's an issue that needs to be addressed by the medical community, too.I know I used to get some wine and bring it into the hot bath when my back was bad. PT helps some, acupuncture helps some, heat helps some, and moving helps. Not just sitting.I also wonder if we expect no pain, which is not possible.I hope you are finding some relief today!!xo


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