Checking In on Day 568!

Dear Readers,
I am leaving on vacation tomorrow, and I have not started packing yet!
I hate packing.
I am awful at it. Hubs bought me a huge suitcase one time, and he is sorry he did!
I pack everything, and yet when I get to my destination, and have nothing to wear!

Sedona Arizona

We had snow yesterday here in Minneapolis, and now we are going to Arizona where the weather is sunny and warm!
What a treat!

My back is still bothering me, but we are taking our golf clubs.
I can always drive the golf cart!! That’s my favorite thing about golf, anyway!

I will get to see my friend and hug my God dog!
Hubs is getting me a massage, and we will go out to eat at some beautiful restaurants.

So toodle-oo, and off I go!

I will try to check in on some blogs if I can, but I will only have my phone.
I wish you a wonderful sober week, and if you celebrate, Happy Easter!

With Love,

PS – The photos are from Sedona, a city in Arizona, where we will be hiking! I took these several years ago.

The Beauty of the Red Rocks!

20 thoughts on “Checking In on Day 568!

  1. oh how I loathe and detest packing…. for the week before I go anywhere I am LITERALLY in torment. have a fabulous holiday, eat lots of yummy food and don't crash that golf cart hey?! xx


  2. A trip to Sedona was a gift from my friend Marjie when I moved back from Arizona to Chicago. It was truly amazing and I wish I had been a bit more mature as I think it was wasted on my still silly young self. I too have these amazing photos. Hope you have a great time. And Anne this would suit you down to the ground with your yoga background, they do mountain yoga which is exactly what it says. Can I really say AMAZING again?? But it is so ……


  3. Hi Wendy! Day 568! woah still going strong, well done to you :). Arizona looks beautiful, sounds like you're going to have an absolutely great time. Hope you enjoued your Easter too.hugs,FrancisP.S. thanks for your message a while back. I'm okay, doing a masters at University and the amount of work is unreal. Hope to be coming more often to read your posts. Glad to see you're doing so well


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