How to Vacation Sober and Have Fun!

Dear Readers,
Hubs and I will be going on a vacation soon, to Arizona, where the sun is shining and warm!
The first time I went on a sober vacation was several years ago, during one of my first attempts to stop drinking.
I pouted for almost the whole time.
At least I pouted all through any dinner we had, even though my husband didn’t drink to support me.
I felt very sorry for myself. 
This, of course, wasn’t all that fun for hubs or me.
I simply couldn’t imagine how I could be sober and still have a good time.
What would we do at the pool?
What would we do after a hike?
What would we drink while golfing?
How could we have dinner and not drink?

This time around, I have been sober much longer.
I am much more comfortable with my sobriety.
And this is what I know will happen on this vacation…

I will be ready to go in morning! (Well,my morning starts at 9 am!)
I won’t wake up hungover and have headaches.
I know I’ll have fun between the sheets! *wink*
I know having a sweet treat and coffee at the end of dinner is very satisfying.
I know I will be focused on what I am doing, not focused on finding a drink.
I know I will have fun dancing sober.
I know driving a golf cart is fun sober! It’s just fun! Not to mention I won’t crash it!
I know hiking in the beautiful country is fun sober.

I do not ever want to wreck another vacation by feeling sorry for myself.
The sun, reading, golfing, hiking, a massage, dancing and beautiful dinners outside will be relaxing all on their own. No drinking needed.

With A Suitcase or Two,
On Day 559,

16 thoughts on “How to Vacation Sober and Have Fun!

  1. have a brilliant holiday, Wendy! you are going into it with far more positive a mind set than I went into my recent holiday, and I think that's a really good start.


  2. Hi Wendy! I just know you'll have fun in Arizona. Being able to get out of your own way and enjoy yourself is wonderful. I know it wasn't easy for you to get here, and I remember that when I see your shining happy posts. Thanks for being such an inspiration! xo


  3. It sounds wonderful! Hope you have a great time Wendy! I have done 2 holidays sober now, a week in the country over Christmas at my childhood home, and a week here and there at my in-laws beach house an hour and a half away. I was fine each time. The real test for me will be when we go to Queensland (we go every year for 10-14 days) I haven't managed that yet but I am confident this will be my year. A x


  4. \”I know I will be focused on what I am doing, not focused on finding a drink.\”This exactly. I'm enjoying our little weekend runs we do with our kiddos so much more, because I don't have to think about when I can drink.Enjoy your trip!Wendy P


  5. I can't imagine you pouting. But I know what you mean. How could o stay on a hotel without a drink? Or fly in a plane?Those concerns sound so unreasonable now. But you have to try it to see the absolute awesomeness sober vacations are. Enjoy!!


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