Home Again on Day 575

Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

Dear Readers,
I’m back!
We had a wonderful time! Never once did I wish I could be drinking. 
I am posting too many photos, but I want you to see what a happy sober vacation looks like!
No pouting, no hangovers, no fights!
Just hiking, golfing, beautiful scenery and romantic dinners. 

I’ll try to catch up on all of your blogs as soon as I can!

I’m not great, but I have fun!
Happy Dinners!

Another Hike in the Desert

18 thoughts on “Home Again on Day 575

  1. Looks like a lovely trip! I love seeing your photos. I especially like the picture of you on the Devil's Bridge. It's like you're just taunting that old devil. I'm glad you had fun! xo


  2. Nice photos Wendy! You're smashing it, well done. That Devil's Bridge looks scary! I like heights but only when there's a glass wall between me and the drop haha. Glad to see you had such an amazing time, and you can see it in your smiles in the photos.Hugs,Francis


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