Habits Part 3 and I Need You All!

Flowers at our Park

Dear Readers,
Today is a lovely Saturday. My Loved One is working on a big project downstairs. He is happiest with a project. Give him a hammer, nails, and things to fix or make, and all is well.

I, on the other hand, got up at eight, had breakfast that he served me, went back to bed. Now reading and writing my blog.

I have been trying to change some habits, but I am not quite able to do this yet. I have to keep my anger at myself in check here. Habits are not easy to make or change.

Pretty in Pink

The only reason I want to make some changes, is so I do the things I want to do. I have been doing things by how I “feel”, and that is not working well. If I don’t “feel” like it, I don’t go for my walk, or to yoga, or to a meeting, or clean.

The biggest habit I want to change is my getting up routine. Right now, I get up and sit and read the paper, check Facebook, eat, and have tea and coffee, but I stay in my pajamas. Then I find I lose my motivation.

What I want to do, is get up, shower, change into comfortable home clothes, make the bed and then read the paper. I really think this would help get my day started better.

I did this one day, and I was much more productive that day, and I felt much better overall.
This doesn’t sound like much, so I think I can do this.
However, I will need an accountability piece. I hope you, dear readers, will be that. I need you!!!

I Love Flowers

I am reading two books by Gretchen Rubin. She has found that people with good habits are the happiest. 
Her blog site is here.
Her site is really full of good information, and she has the habit of blogging 6 days a week!
I know I am happier when I am a little more productive, and still have my lovely reading time.

There are other habits I want to add, but I am starting with this one. 
I will start this tomorrow, Sunday May 9. 
Wish me well!

16 thoughts on “Habits Part 3 and I Need You All!

  1. Hi Wendy,Interesting what you say about habits. I also do a lot better when I have some good habits to structure my days, and when they fall away (as they do between semesters) I can feel a bit low and a bit lost. I think it's important to point yourself in the right direction for the day, though I wish I knew why that was hard to do at times. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it! Always lovely to see what you're up to. xo


  2. Dear TS,I used to only have this problem in summer when I wasn't teaching.Now it's carried into retirement.I really want things a little different so I must be willing to work on it.Thank you!


  3. I know what you mean; we're dealing with a pesky tropical storm in NC this weekend, but last Saturday I woke with an overwhelming dread, so many thing to do and not wanting to do anything! I sat outside and read for an hour, and somehow I was able to get up and moving, and cross some things off my To Do list. I think this changing habits thing is part of the recovery process; I'm right here with you! Lori K


  4. I want to change a lot of habits myself. I want to create some new ones. For example, I want to get up at 5:30 am and work out before I go to work. Instead, I am sleeping till the last minute and then rush out the door to make it on time. I hate it, to be honest. Good luck with changing your habits. In fact, look at at as creating a new habit rather than changing old ones. It might be easier that way.


  5. Hi Lori,I think so too.After a certain amount of time being sober, I am looking for other quality of life changes.It must be what I want, not what I think I should do!I hope you see sun soon!xo


  6. Hi Wendy, I am exactly the same. i drop my son at school, then come home and have something to eat, jump on the computer and before I know it it's lunch time and I haven't had a shower. Then it's so hard to find motivation to do anything. I too want to change this habit. I have always wanted to be a morning person, but sadly, I'm not sure I ever will be! But I'm willing to try. A x


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