8 Months, or 244 Days

Dear Readers,
Today marks my 8th month of not drinking alcohol.
I am grateful for this. 
It means another day, another month of being sane.
Because really, I was acting insane when I was drinking.
I was argumentative, sloppy, lying, driving drunk, and blacking out.

Today marks another day, another month of being content.
Not that things are perfect, but they are what they are.
Not that I can’t improve some things, but I need to start where I am.

Today marks another day, another month of being calmer.
I no longer am creating drama in my life and other people’s lives.
Life brings us enough to deal with without adding extra stress.

Today marks another day, another month of healing.
I am healing both my body and soul.
I now realize that this healing takes time.

Today marks another day, another month of learning.
Each day I don’t drink, I learn how to feel and process my emotions.
I learn how to love both myself and others deeply with compassion.

I can choose to see my life not drinking as half full or half empty.
Is my life better or worse.
Is it all that I have gained, or all I think I am missing.

At 8 months, or 244 days, of not drinking alcohol I can truly say,
I am happy.

To all my friends in recovery who are struggling:
I too struggled for many years. Never give up.

17 thoughts on “8 Months, or 244 Days

  1. Congratulations on 8 months Wendy, that is so awesome. I loved your post. I really hope I can get to where you are one day. I'm getting so sick of this constant struggle. A x


  2. Wendy, this is beautiful! Happy 8 months to you. I hated the monster I had become when my drinking was at its worst, it does take time to heal, and patience & support too. So happy for you! Lori K


  3. Hi lovely, loyal Wendy.a huge congrats to you. your unwavering support is amazing and i appreciate it immensely. i love your reach out to people who are struggling as i agree with you, it surely is a better life and we need to persist.love from Lisa


  4. This is an amazing and inspiring post. I've read it twice and said to myself that I will keep on going so that one day I would be able to say that I am calmer, happier and wiser. Thank you for this post, Wendy.


  5. Hi Wendy,I am not sure how I missed this post because WordPress says that I am already following you. But: congrats on your 8 months! It is wonderful and I am happy that you are enjoying your new sober life. Hugs, Feeling


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