Back to Basics Day 241

Dear Readers,
Tomorrow I am subbing in kindergarten.
I did some subbing after I retired from teaching, but this will be the first I have done since my cochlear implant was put in.
It could be slightly loud with 27 little ones!
Here is my side-kick, Poky, who helps me!
He has his own book, that I made about him! LOL


I am a little nervous, but I will only be there for half a day, so unless the children tie me up in a chair, or I lose one, I should be okay!

I’ll make a little money, and get a lot of hugs from the kids.
I will be happy to see my former co-workers.
I’ll get hugs from them too!

Kindergarteners learn some simple rules such as share, be kind, and clean up your mess. 
Too many rules makes it hard for them to remember and learn.

To keep myself sober and happy, I learned some simple “rules” too:
Don’t take the first drink.
Reach out for help.
Remember the reasons you stopped drinking.
Think all the way to the end of the drink.
Be honest.

Of course there are more things I keep in mind, other tools that help me.
But sometimes the most powerful rules or advice are the most basic, simple to understand, and are easy for me to remember when I need them.

Tomorrow all I have to remember is keep the children safe, learning, and happy.
I can do this!
And Poky, being the little rascal he is, will help me!

8 thoughts on “Back to Basics Day 241

  1. Dear Mara,It was fun, but my back is hurting!Keeping all the reasons why you want to stop and thinking to the end of the bottle are the best things that helped me in early sobriety!xo


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