Just Desserts on Day 198

Dear Readers,

Waiting for Dessert

Each time I go out, I am finding it more rewarding to stay sober. 
There is something very special about laughing and loving without being under the influence of any drug. There is a peace that comes from not worrying about what I may do.
I feel closer to who I was meant to be, the good and bad, but definitely more real.

Many people wonder if they can still have fun, and be fun if they don’t drink. 
I did too. After six months of sober social events and date nights, I can truly say, I am having just as much fun. 
I am alive, not dulled with drinking. I can have a real conversation. I can dress up, feel pretty and dance! 

Last night, after we left the jazz club, I didn’t want the night to end, because I love being downtown.
So I googled “late night desserts” and we found a very cool restaurant. 
We had a very tight place at the bar, and ordered lattes and chocolate tortes.
We talked, laughed, and had a very romantic evening.
What am I missing? 

8 thoughts on “Just Desserts on Day 198

  1. We did the same thing the other night–found a late night dessert place to keep a lovely evening going! Such a great idea!!! I agree with you, enjoying life and having fun without booze used to seem impossible, but now I see the real pleasure in it all. I'm so pleased to be on the same past as you, figuring out this wonderful life. xo


  2. I love this post! It reminds me so much of when the hubs and I used to go out – I wish we did that more now that I'm sober.Hmmmm…why not do that more now? Thanks Wendy!!!Sherry


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