Happy Not Drinking on Day 203

Dear Readers,
I am so happy I quit drinking.
I have no idea how I would have coped with my operation, my depression, and my retirement if I hadn’t quit.
It would not have been pretty, that’s for sure, and I like pretty!

I choose not to drink today, because it would not make my life any better.
Instead of laughing, I’d be crying.
Instead of hugging my Loved One, I’d be mad at him.
Instead of meeting new friends, I’d be with bartenders.
Instead of moving my life outwards, I’d be closing down.

It is still early in my sobriety. I still need support. 
But I am noticing a shift in my thinking. 
I no longer have the feeling that I am missing anything.
Instead, I see the positives of not drinking.

This couldn’t have happened without much effort and time being sober.
I went to AA, Women For Sobriety meetings, started blogging, went to a life coach, found a therapist, reached out to other people in recovery, and FINALLY I am finding peace.

Because I am still dealing with some depression from my operation as well as figuring out being retired, I have a lot more issues to work through.
But how happy I am today, that I don’t have the burden of drinking that would only stop my healing.

To All My Friends in Recovery: If you are still drinking, know that there is hope for you, too!

14 thoughts on “Happy Not Drinking on Day 203

  1. Hi Un-tipsy! Great blog – you are in inspiration. Thank you! I am on day 24 – a long way behind you, but hoping to get to 210 myself eventually. Hugs from your mad British friend, SM xx


  2. Hi Wendywhat a lovely Post you have written. i am so stoked for you, i really am! well done and yes, you are an inspiration.hugs from Lisa


  3. I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work. Also, this hopefully will be the last cold day and that Spring is finally here. Jackie


  4. Hi Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy I found you. I am a complete ignoramus about following people not on WP, but I WILL figure this out. In the meanwhile, congrats of what should now be day 205, I think? Congrats on every single day sober 🙂


  5. We all need support. Forever. 203 days is great!! It is nice to have that realization that drinking could not add anything to life, only take away.Anne (ainsobriety)


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