Keeping Open on Day 195

Dear Readers,
Today I found joy.
I found joy in a visit with a neighbor over coffee.
I found joy at yoga, connecting with a wonderful warm teacher, and some yoga buddies.
I found joy writing this blog.
I am noticing that when my mind is open to life, I am finding “experiences of hope, gratitude, joy, patience, forgiveness, connection, and wisdom”.

(From the book, Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, by Elisha Goldstein, PhD.)

When I find these moments, I am trying to stay in them awhile. I hope to build upon these experiences and be even more open to them the next time.

It all depends on my mindset. 
Is it open or closed.
Is it accepting or judgmental.
Is it open to learning or closed to new ideas.
Am I in self-pity or am I in self-compassion.

Hope brings me a feeling of, “I can make it!” 
Gratitude brings me peace in all I have now.
Joy brings me lightness.
Patience brings me a calm mind, understanding I am human.
Forgiveness allows me to let go of the burden of hurt. 
Connection brings me hugs and togetherness.
Wisdom makes it easier to practice compassion, for myself and others.

Stopping drinking is a start, but if I am to flourish, I must continue growing.
Ever learning, ever reaching out, ever reaching up, and ever loving.

To all my friends in recovery, I wish you hope, peace and love.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Open on Day 195

  1. This is beautiful 🙂 I'm going to print it and add it to my Collecton-of-Cool-and-Inspirational-Stuff-I've-Read-on-This-Journey! Lori K


  2. Hiya Wendy. Some wise words! Building upon past experiences and growing is definitely key to passion and success. Self-improvement sometimes haunts me, but when done in the correct way it can lead to awakenings in all sorts of positive emotions. I'm rooting for you all the way and I'm so glad you're in such a positive frame of mind! The only limit is the one you set yourself :)FrancisGrowing Positive


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