Saturday Morning Thoughts

Dear Readers,
Happy Saturday!
I went to 6 yoga classes in 6 days, and I think my body says, “HELP”!
It was fun, though!

Our weather here has been so wonderful, everyone is in a sunny mood! Here’s a picture I took with my car roof open! We went from deep winter to spring, overnight.

This warm weather brings another set of issues for those of us with alcohol addictions.
It means St. Patrick’s Day, outside parties, barbecues, and weddings, where drinking is always present. It will be important for me to keep looking at all the good things I have in my life now that I am not drinking.

I went to several AA meetings this week, and I had some mixed thoughts. The topics were heavy. 

One meeting was men and women. Many of the people there had addictions to drugs as well as alcohol. They talked a lot about the drugs and the type of alcohol they drank. Luckily it wasn’t wine! One person had relapsed and were going back to treatment. I had a strange feeling at that meeting, not sure how to place it. I did give a hug to a guy who I have seen before, and that felt good. 

The other meeting was an all women’s meeting. I met my new friend again! The topic was amends. Now making amends is a topic in itself. I certainly am not an expert on this. It is a topic that scares people. I think the most important thing I learned is not to do this on your own. I had to make the deepest amends to my husband, who had to live with worry and concern. 

I am so grateful for all that I have. I am making gratitude my mantra. It takes away my petty thoughts, my petty complaints. 
“I am thankful.”
“What can I do?”
“Thank you.”

So I end this post with a “thank you” to all my readers who are supporting me on this journey!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Thoughts

  1. Hi Wendy!Well done on 6 Yoga classes, that's really commendable. Stay strong, St. Paddy's day is just another hurdle to prove how much your hard work has paid off and I believe in you. Looking forward to your next post and take care! Francis


  2. 6 classes in 6 days?! Ouch! This is a tricky time of year for me; I had a setback about this same time last year, but now I feel stronger, smarter, and more grateful! Thank YOU for blogging–I love the sober online connection! Lori K xx


  3. Haha much better than me. I went to Yoga once because some girl-friends managed to convince me. Couldn't do any of the stretches and genuinely fell asleep when she made us lie down. Still put loads of effort in though :p


  4. I love hard, hot yoga, but I deeply believe there is a place for slow, yin yoga. Most of us easily fall into doing more.Taking it easy and treating our bodies gently is harder. And the meditative quality of yin is powerful.Try to encorporate one gentle class in your schedule (and I don't mean staying for 2 classes, I mean doing ONLY yin or restorative yoga one day). It has been a powerful change for me.Doing less, but feeling more.Anne


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