Habits Part 2!

Dear Readers,
Here I am, at one of my favorite coffee houses.
I love the workers, owner, and manager here!
They are helping me too!
Everyone is helping me!

I just came back from my wonderful therapist.
I told her about latest post and what I wanted to work on.
She had some great ideas, and so I am setting up some NEW goals!
I have to report to her in a month, but I’ll be reporting to you each week!

1. Get to 1 AA meeting a week.
2. 3 times a week go to favorite coffee shop! (I can do this!)
3. Go to yoga on the average of 3 times a week, or 12 times a month.
(We put this in because I get mad at myself if I don’t get to yoga when I am sick. This way, I can look by month.)
4. 1 time a week, get ready to leave the house in 30 mins. (THIS will be hard, but my hubby would love it!)
5. Reach out to 3 people a week to connect socially. (They might not be able to do anything. I can’t control that, but I can reach out!)
6. Spend an hour a week exploring volunteer opportunities. (Even just thinking, looking on-line a little, talking to other people.)
7. Look at limiting FB and game time. (HARD!)
8. Limit TV to 3 to 4 hours a day.

We will look at the sleep thing next time.
I am so hoping spring will help the hibernating I have been doing!

Tomorrow will be week one.
I feel much better. 

6 thoughts on “Habits Part 2!

  1. Your list sounds pretty good to me. Getting out and doing this is important. I can fall into isolating, too, and it's never a great plan. Good for you for sketching out what to do to get yourself set up well! xo


  2. I think this is great. The FB/phone/TV one is what I need to work on too. Actually I've been too busy for too much TV lately but since my phone is always in my hand that would be a challenge. You are going to inspire me to do it too! Just maybe not today…HA!


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