Day 176 or 25 Weeks

Dear Readers,
Here I am at ANOTHER favorite coffee shop!
I have too many to count! 
When I got here, I saw 4 people I know but haven’t seen in a long time! It was a joy to just give them a hug and exchange a few words, and know they are all well!

I had some thoughts about not drinking.
The first is, I am glad I am not drinking today.
That is all I can handle. 
Just today.
I don’t have many drinking thoughts anymore, and if I do, I can let them go very quickly.
Funny though, I went to a movie and everyone in the movie was drinking all the time. Drove me nuts!
I wondered why I noticed that. My hubby didn’t.
So, drinking is still a little in my mind.
I’m just glad it hasn’t taken over!
I need all the brain cells I have left!

A support system is so important for me. I really do need good people in my life.
I am so lucky I have them. To all of you, my friends, family, blogger friends, AA friends, WFS friends, and yoga buddies. 
I thank you.

Today is Day One of my new goal plan!
I have decided to limit my FB checks to 4 times a day.
Sounds like a lot, but that’s way less than I was doing!
I might have to get rid of Candy Crush Soda, but NOT YET! 
I am going to try to limit playing that game to 4 times a day, and when I run out of free lives, I quit. (So keep sending me lives!)

I signed up for a beginner drawing class!!
I’m not a very good drawer, but this is about me finding me.
I can’t find me if I don’t do anything!

This makes me feel good because I lost the ability to “hear” my guitar and voice when I got my implant. That has been a big part of my depression, as I was writing songs too.

But being creative can take many forms.
Blogging, taking photos when I am walking and sharing on FB, and even yoga, help me feel creative. 

So, I am ready. 
I am ready to keep healing.
I am ready to love my new life.
I am ready to sing a new song.

12 thoughts on “Day 176 or 25 Weeks

  1. The drawing class sounds great! Learning to do new things is always so cool! Plus it's something that looks like magic but then becomes a skill, and that makes you feel like anything is possible. Of if not anything, something, but that's still great! I like your new plan, and I'm glad you are being kind to yourself while you work it out. xo


  2. Wow this is inspiring! Keep us posted on the drawing class, it sounds exciting. I know what you mean about drinking on TV, movies, everywhere, it seems. It will probably always be on our minds, but hopefully taking up less space 😉 Lori K


  3. Almost a halfway to a year. Congrats. Drawing class sounds wonderful.Right now I am trying to keep my I Pad use in check. I've had different rules but haven't found something yet that feels like true balance with it. I even installed like a net nanny app that people put on tablets to monitor / control children's use but a couple times I needed it for banking or other purposes and the app was blocking my access so I had to nix that. So I can relate!


  4. It is hard to get the electronics under control. I often think-I should read a book…then I get caught up in blog land.Oh well. I am going to try pottery this spring!Anne


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