Random Thoughts

Dear Everyone Reading my Blog,
Thank you for your support!
It takes a BIG CITY to raise me!! Maybe even a state or two! Well several countries as well!
The longer I stay sober, I am finding it hard to find a topic to write about.
That makes sense I guess.
I might have to start a new blog, about my other problems! I have lots!!

I watched one of the Real Housewives shows last night. One of the women has a drinking problem. She’s been through rehab several times. She had definitely had something to drink, or pills, or something.
It was eerie watching her. She got mean, acting strange, overly animated, so different than her normal self.
It was like watching myself.
I didn’t like what the alcohol/drugs did to her or me.
It made an impact on me.

I hope everyone is having a nice day. 
I am learning it doesn’t have to be rip-roaring all the time.
Coffee with a friend, making the bed, reading a book, is what makes up life.

Peace and Hugs!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. OMG – a fellow Real Housewives fan! I just saw this episode today, and I know what you are saying. I have wondered about another one of the women on the show and whether or not she has a drinking problem. I saw in a preview for an upcoming episode, that Yolanda says to Brandi something to the effect of \”It's not okay to get drunk\”, and I was like, \”What??! Hold the bus! It's not okay to get drunk!?! Why didn't anyone ever say that to me?!\” But seeing how these women acted (while under the influence) and how some of the other women reacted and what they thought (think Lisa Rinna and Eileen) made me wonder how many times other non-drinkers or \”normies\” may have had similar thoughts about me.


  2. I can't believe I watch those shows! LolBrandi does indeed have some drinking issues! (I think)I surrounded myself with heavier drinkers, or drank by myself so most people had no idea, except my hubby.Thank you for dropping by!


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