An Ode to Being Sober

Dear Readers,
Thought I’d have a little fun tonight!
(My apologies to Emily Dickinson)

An Ode To Being Sober

Being sober is really great,
No more hangovers
Or tummy aches.

Money saved not buying booze,
Can be used
For high-heeled shoes!

It’s sometimes easy, sometimes hard,
But it’s always better,
Than crashing a car!

Learning how to deal with life,
Can be kind-of funny, 
Even with strife.

Dancing is a lot more fun,
Not being drunk,
Falling on your bum.

Then there is my own, proud hubby,
Who showers me with lots of
Lovey-dovey. (Wink)

But in the end, being sober means you,
Can cry or be funny, and whichever you choose,
You know that it’s real and not the booze.

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