Freedom and 140 Days

Dear Readers,
On my walk last night, I captured some beautiful sights. 
What I love about walking is the peace I feel when I look for the beauty all around me. 
It’s there. Just waiting for me to see.

So often I am rushing, and I look,
but I don’t see.
Today, at my meeting, I glimpsed the feeling of freedom
As people talked, I thought how great it was to be free of the chain of drinking.
Drinking made life so complicated.
It was, “Should I have one more?”
“Will my Loved One be mad?”
“How will I get rid of these?”
“Will I get stopped?”
And on and on it went.

How wonderful it is to not have those extra worries.
Life is complicated enough without that extra burden.

I don’t think of forever when I think of not drinking,
but this morning I had a thought of happiness not drinking the rest of my life.
I could feel it and picture it.
I could taste the freedom.

12 thoughts on “Freedom and 140 Days

  1. Thank you for this post. I need to start trying to see more of the benefits of not drinking – I am still stuck in a feeling of loss. Annie x


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