Inner Strength

Dear Readers,
In my meeting today, there were some hard, sad stories to listen to.
These were people in pain.
And yet, I was reminded of the strength of these same people.
They found the courage to come to a meeting, to go back into treatment, to keep reaching out for help.
They know there is a better way, and even in face of defeat, they try again and again.

Their stories made me listen.
(I didn’t talk for once.)
These are good, regular people. People like me. People who have an addiction.
I listened to their pain, and it reminded me that I don’t want to go back to that pain.

I also listened to other people who have found joy.
They reminded me of why I want to keep going.

All of their stories reminded me that I have a deep inner strength.
I can use it to get up and face my day, even being sick or tired.
It’s one I can use for good.
I can use it to choose kindness and love.
I can call on this strength if I am quiet, listen, and ask for that help and guidance.
Some people would call this God.
Some people would call this self-love.
But whatever you call it, we all have it.

For the first time, I reached out and gave a girl who was in pain my phone number.
It felt good.

10 thoughts on “Inner Strength

  1. This resonates with me today….I had the thought earlier today about how strong I can be, how 'owning' whats happened for me and being my true self can be wonderful and not shameful. I don't think I have ever felt like that in my life before.Thank you xxxx


  2. I am doing everything I can, because I was really having a hard time. I also didn't want this to be an AA blog, or a WFS blog, but just my journey. And blogging is a beautiful way to reach out and give and get support!


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