Laughing is Better!

Dear Readers,

I am in a strange pattern of sleeping until 10:00 am. By the time I get my body into gear, it’s almost noon! YIKES! Then I’m not tired until 2:00 am!
Now in my defense, it is cold, dark, and we have had no sun for about 3 weeks. 
Oh, and I am retired with no kids.
I also have a Loved One who still works and takes care of himself.
Now, my Loved One and I are trying to get me into a different sleeping pattern.
When he leaves for work at 7:00 am, he turns on the big light in the bedroom and shakes me awake! LOL

Then he sends me a message on my cell telling me to wake up! 
(It’s in a different room and I can’t hear without my all my hearing stuff!)
It’s so funny!
(I still sleep until 10, just not as well with the light on.)

I got more done yesterday than I thought I would. I even organized a couple of closets!

Usually, I wait to do anything until just before my Loved One comes home. 
Then I jump up, run around, and it looks good!
He always knows though, because my reading and television chair is still warm! LOL

For Christmas I wanted to give him some shirts. Now, he is a picky guy when it comes to his clothes. I can’t pick things out for him, SO, I threw him my credit card and he ordered his own shirts on-line! 
They came in the mail, and look great.
He wanted me to wrap them.
I just put them under our “tree”. 
(See my First Picture!)

Now there is a reason I am writing about all of this. I would MUCH rather laugh with life than not! When I was drinking too much, it brought less fun and more pain into both of our lives.

Life is too short for that. 

4 thoughts on “Laughing is Better!

  1. I am a sleeper myself. On the weekends I can sleep till ten. I probably can sleep more if I don't talk myself into getting up. And by the way… I go to bed around 9:00 pm. I guess I just need a lot of sleep. When I was drinking I could not sleep past seven. Maybe our bodies are re-adjusting.


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