40 Days and 40 NIghts

Dear Readers,
I haven’t had anything to drink for 40 days and nights.
It’s all good.
In fact, nothing bad has happened by NOT drinking.

It takes a lot of work.
I have worked hard for these 40 days and nights.
I plan on 60 more so I can reach Belle’s 100 Day Challenge!

I can’t just “hope” I won’t drink.
I have to make a choice every day.
I have to choose life.
I was drinking away my life.
There was no life.

It’s not easy.
I struggled for years,
First, I didn’t want to admit I even had a drinking problem.
Until it smacked me in the face, and said,
Even then, it took me more years of trying.
Of course, I tried to just moderate.
I counted my drinks. 
I counted a lot!
After an embarrassing public moment,

I KNEW, I had to shake things up. 
And so, that is when I went to AA, Women for Sobriety, found a life coach with knowledge of substance abuse, and being honest.
I kept reading blogs and posts on-line.

And still I struggled.
And so, I started this blog.
I got MORE honest.
I started telling a lot of people I am learning to not drink.

It’s not a piece of cake.
Dinner parties are my hardest times. 
Times when I get a pity party going.
I am very lucky that I have so many people on my side.
All of my friends are rooting for me.

I see and hear so many people who have stopped drinking,
And are happy!

Right now,
That is me!

Happy 40!

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