I Could Find Lots of Ways To Escape

Dear Readers,

I could shop too much,
Or eat too much,
Or not eat enough,
Or smoke (although I don’t know how),
Or watch TV all day, (well I did today because of my cold),
Or play on-line games too much,
Or do anything too much,
To escape my feelings, or life, or whatever.

I know there will be days I feel good, and days not so good.
I know there will be days I might choose to watch a little more TV.

But when it becomes a pattern, a habit, or the ONLY way I cope with life,
I know I am in trouble.
I can’t run away from stress, anxiety, bad news, good news, sickness, life.

It’s a messy thing, this life.
But it’s my messy life!

2 thoughts on “I Could Find Lots of Ways To Escape

  1. But how do you cope with the messes? Sometimes I just don't have the strength. I'm so tired of trying. I know everyone has troubles in their life and reading about their struggles and victories helps give me hope when I need it. What helps you say no?


  2. Dear Reader,Coping with messes is never easy.I had a lot of them.I had to say I'm sorry to people, and am I really working hard to change myself.It took me years to say no.I had to reach out to real people for help.Just trying by myself did not work.I had to have accountability.That being said,It's a tricky thing.I've only been sober for 40 days.Today, just this one day,I will not drink.


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